On Brett Clark To Wild, Consistency, & Missed Opportunities

AHL Hockey: Feb 22 Barons vs Aeros
Photo by Steven Christy.

Oklahoma City Barons GM, Bill Scott, knew that the greatest need within the minor league organization was consistency. More importantly consistency in all areas. The offense would likely come given the nice pieces that were already with the team, even in a post-lockout world. The goaltending would be slightly altered from time to time, but that wasn’t necessarily the weakest link. The Barons already had vets like Dane Byers and Josh Green, but even they struggled to capture consistent pacing in all facets of the game. That’s where Brett Clark came in.

The elder statesman had plenty of NHL and AHL time. He led teams deep into seasons. But more than anything he was a leader. A leader with lots of intangibles.

Today, reports are circulating that he’s signed with the Minnesota Wild for the purposes of playing in the NHL in a deep pairing role.

Via the Star Tribune:

The Wild has signed veteran defenseman Brett Clark to a one-year deal, NHL sources say. He will be in town today to take his physical. If he passes, he will join the Wild tomorrow.

For a guy who wasn’t on many NHL radars in January, he’s has spent nearly one and a half months earning his right to be a major leaguer. That speaks a lot to who he is as a player, and as a person.

Great PK guy. Played QB on the power play. Protected Taylor Fedun somewhat by counteracting his youngster tendencies in defensive situations. Great passer. Sharp thinker. Team leader. For a defensive minded team, like the Wild, to want a guy like Clark, you know he’s got the skillset needed to fit well within their scheme. He’s also someone that could have played good minutes with the Oilers, but that wasn’t meant to be. Too crowded? Not enough contract space? Perhaps considering a different move? All likely reasons as to why the Oil wouldn’t jump on his bandwagon.

Personnel wise, Randy Jones will hopefully piggy back on what Clark started, and continue to lead defensively and perhaps where his team needs him most in the coming month or two. And he’s starting to move that direction.

Good luck to you, Brett. We enjoyed you in Oklahoma City. We look forward to seeing you play on an HD screen in the immediate future.


via Barons GM, Bill Scott

When Brett chose to sign in Oklahoma City we agreed that if he was to receive a NHL offer that he felt was worth pursuing we would release him from his contract,” said Scott. “Brett has been in the NHL for many years and continued to play at that level this season with the Barons. He was a positive influence on and off the ice for our team. He has earned this opportunity and we wish him much success. We remain focused on moving forward toward our ultimate goal of capturing the Calder Cup.