Davidson Reassigned To OKC. Lizon Released. Marincin Up?

Photo courtesy of Steven Christy. All rights reserved.
Photo courtesy of Steven Christy. All rights reserved.

Two important moves were made this morning following a pretty epic disaster by the Barons last night against Rockford, at home, with Kevin Lowe and Patrick LaForge in attendance.

Brandon Davidson, having a whale of a comeback as a Stockton Thunder defender, has been reassigned to the Oklahoma City Barons. Twelve points, including 7 goals, in a span of only eleven games is superb. Only suffering four penalty minutes in that time is also superb. Placing him inside the Barons roster provides perhaps a bit of insight into what the Oilers plan to be doing as well.

With the sad sack Oilers team wasting away precious points in the NHL perhaps Lowe and LaForge hovering around Barons games of late means that Martin Marincin gets a call to the big dance (March Madness pun intended). He’s quietly deserved it, and Davidson seems poised enough to take up a bit of the offensive hustle that would be lacking in the AHL with Marty gone. Do I think Marincin is ready for a stretch in the NHL? Not really. But why not give him a game or two, see where he’s at, move on?

And in another transaction, the Barons release Erick Lizon from his PTO. The Barons heavy was brought in to be a protective umbrella in the midsection of the season. He had some good games. He had some bad games. He had some laughable moments. In the end he was a throwback to the days of OKC hockey that I sorta miss at times. His direct tie to the city has been twofold – as a Blazer and as a Baron. That’s admirable.

The Barons are in San Antonio for a week full of Rampage games (two actually). Tune in to see what happens.