Curate The OKC Barons Game Day Playlist

Philippe, tell me you like the Black Keys? No!? That’s a problem. Photo courtesy of Steven Christy. All rights reserved.

It’s not that uncommon for me to be caught with earbuds strategically placed near my lobes. From mowing the back 40 to grilling on the back porch – I’ve always got a song to sing, a foot to stomp, and a sweet dance move to unleash. My love of sports also has a musical tendency. The link between sports and music has always had a common bond. I dare you to flip on a TV right now, dial in a pre-game warmup of any sport, and not find some gigantic Beats By Dre headphones in a vast array of embarrassingly bad colors. I’m clearly not an athelete, but music and sports have always gone hand in hand for me. I’ve always appreciated the X Games embracing rock artists that no one has likely heard of. I applaud the ESPN Wimbledon coverage for using euro-dance tracks for bump in and bump out excitement building. The NBA on TNT has magically transformed me into a lover of all things Lupe Fiasco. So it’s no wonder that fans (including this one) crank the dial up when headed to the rink for some hockey.

Oklahoma City is a unique place to live. With only half a million people within it’s confines, it’s no wonder the hockey community is small but strong. Dedicated and determined. Loyal and never lame. And like so many other hockey viewing points throughout North America, we enjoy our music before, during and after the puck drops.

So I need your help. Over at Songza I’ve created an ongoing project. A project that has a beginning, but with no end. Rather it’s an ongoing, crowd-sourced endeavor that you can both help create and enjoy.  Here are the details:

In the comments below suggest a song for the Game Day Playlist. I’ll immediately add it, and you’ll be able to hear it via a Songza search, keyword “Oklahoma City Barons” (free account required). When you hit play, you’ll find a whole slew of nominated songs including yours. Don’t like something? No problem, come back to the comments and mention why you think it’s the worst song you’ve ever heard.

Try to keep the recommendations somewhat civilized. YOU might find Dr. Dre’s lyrics insightful, but the broader audience might not. Be mindful of that.

Rock, pop, hip-hop, folk, disco, country, hawaiian harp, Celtic flute, pan pipes – the world is your musical oyster. Happy recommending and happy listening!