Sochi 2014: Another Good Reason To Snowboard With A Helmet

The slopestyle event has taken a collarbone, a ruptured stomache muscle, countless undisclosed injuries, and nearly a noggin. In the women’s side of the event, leading up to the medals, the extreme slopes took another crash, and fortunately the blow was minimal – save for a cracked helmet.

That’s the Czech Republic’s Sarka Pancochova who gets the rag doll treatment from a really nasty fall that included a blow to the head. Many have speculated, including this guy, that she was briefly knocked unconscious, but somehow was able to board down the hill under her own power. And, really, how could she NOT have a head injury? Check out her helmet.

SPOILER: If you haven’t seen the Women’s Slopestyle Final…do it!

Sochi 2014: My Favorite Photo Today

The Bolshoy Ice Dome, like many structures in the Olympic Park, is a wonder of an architectural achievement. Built to seat 12,000 fans, the incredible exterior is what seemingly sets it apart from the other buildings in its path. A roof filled with LED’s that display various characters like our North American digital billboards, it is a thing to behold. The shape, seemingly water drop like, embraces the “cold” and the “wet” simply at first glance. What a building.


photo via Architectural Digest

Sochi 2014: My Favorite Photo Today

Posing with the Olympic rings has long been a tradition for athletes in the village. So much so in 2014 that Instagram is littered with unique ways of lying or reclining or standing in and around the five colors representing countries around the world.

Today’s fave photo comes via Google+ user, Basil Doeringsfeld, who shared a great photo of New Zealand’s women’s slopestyle snowboard team. The framing is perfect. The lighting superb. The joy of just being an Olympian. What a fantastic shot!


Sochi 2014: Buaas’ Gnarly Slopestyle Crash

Shaun White kinda sorta hinted that the slopestyle event at the Sochi Winter Olympics was dangerous. He is also afraid to aggravate the wrist injury prior to defending his pipe domination. To each his own. Athletes breaking collar bones aside (serious business) the event began with qualifying rounds on day one of the Olymipcs, and we had a gnarly crash.

Norway’s Kjersti Buaas took a face first tilt into the hard packed snow (imagine the sound of shells rubbing on cardboard, that’s the sound of this hard surface and board rubbing together).

The internets were outraged at the length of time it took someone to get to her, but given the wide ranging nature of the course, folks are planted very far from the actual action (including medical staff).

The good news? It was “only” a muscle rupture. What a miracle.

Glad you’re okay, Kjersti.

Photo via Reddit

Sochi 2014: My Favorite Photo Today

The Team Skate event is a unique addition to the Olympics. Instead of individual success (albeit country-specific talent) the hope is that the gold, silver, and bronze will be rewarded to the countries with the strongest combined skate programs (single, pairs, and ice dancing). It sorta strips the individualism of the Olympic skating events, and I like that.

Below is a look at the “team” aspect of the event. The entire team awaits scores after fellow members perform. Together they celebrate. Together they suffer defeat. Team Canada, putting forth elegant performances on day one, had reason to celebrate.