Erick Lizon Does The “Chicken Wing”

Erick Lizon, brought in by the Oklahoma City Barons to strike fear into the hearts of AHL teams from Texas, has yet to engage in a fight. But he still manages to do his thang without ever removing his gloves. In his pre-game comments last night, Barons Coach Todd Nelson, discussed the role of Lizon with the current Barons:

His presence changes the dynamic. Having him skate in warmups and occasionally stand up on the bench is enough.

Okay then. Last night, he got a little angsty and gave us a glorious chicken wing unlike the Cox Center has seen since the mid-90’s. It’s hard to tell (because the AHL Live quality and camera work isn’t fabulous), but as he skates to the penalty box he gives a quick arm flap. I love it and hate it all at the same time. Hat tip to you, Sir Lizon.

Erick Lizon Chicken Wing

Things You Don’t Want Taylor Hall Doing – “Fighting”

Between NOT wearing a helmet in warmups and posing with ugly people in twitpics lies something you really don’t want Taylor Hall doing…fighting the guy that kneed Jordan Eberle (Antoine Roussel of the Texas Stars) early in the season. It just doesn’t ever, I repeat ever, go well. Gif below:

Taylor Hall Fight