GIF: Kale Kessy. Not A Hunter Smith Fan.

Kale Kessy meets Hunter Smith. Hates Flames organization forever. Joins an elite club of Edmonton Oilers fans. Welcome to the club, kid. Just wish it didn’t have to go down like this.

Following A Glennie Board, Darnell Nurse Fights

Again, like I begin every GIF post, I apologize for the quality of the minor league stream. Yes, we humble AHL followers pay for this, but in the end we all pay for this via eye exams and brain cramps. In the end, a GIF of Darnell Nurse fighting is on the bill today. I know, I know, why post this GIF, Neal? It is a milestone, I suppose, to have your first pro fight. The reality is that I could care less, wait maybe I could, but I know that somewhere, someone really wants to see this. Open the velvet rope…


Darnell Nurse, Two Gifs Worth Celebrating

Photo by Steven Christy

Darnell Nurse, a high-end prospect with the Edmonton Oilers (whatever that means), has sorta made his prescence known with the Oklahoma City Barons. Sometimes it’s good, often times it’s bad. Any way you slice it, however, he’s an interesting fella. Nurse, just recently turning 19 years old, is a large, wiry fella with incredible speed, good hands, and DIY decision making. Before I go any further hear me out. Nurse IS NOT NHL READY, but rather displays a unique skill set that sets him apart from the herd. Are they fully developed? No. Is he ready for the NHL in a season or two? Probably not. Is he a first round bust? Too early to tell.

In news of the positive, last night’s narrow escape by the Barons was sealed in overtime when C.J. Stretch potted the game winner. Playing four on four hockey for five minutes in OT, Nurse displayed some really head-strong offensive tendencies. This gives me just enough hope for him. Imagine this kid in five years, fully aware of how his body functions, and some additional smarts – he’s a dandy.

Exhibit A:

Nurse draws four players on the ice towards him. Now the Iowa Wild aren’t a fabulous team by any stretch of the imagination, but with speed and good hands, Nurse looked really agile and quick-footed at four on four.

On the game winning goal, look at Nurse charge the front of the net like a lion pouncing on a gazelle. Had Stretch elected to pass, Nurse was there. Had Stretch shot, the puck been rebounded, Nurse was there. All good things. All good things.