BBG & CS: Tryouts, OKC “Model”, & Minor League Life

Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson at
Photo courtesy of Rob Ferguson at

“The 2012-13 Barons Ice Girl Tryouts are complete and has the full report.” – via OKC Barons

“Teubert will likely see NHL time, as he’s probably ninth on the Oilers’ depth chart as of this writing (I’d slot Taylor Fedun and Martin Marincin behind him, though a strong push from either could make things interesting) but hopefully not as much as last season.” – via Cult of Hockey

“What are his positives? He is an excellent EV strength player in the AHL. Arcobello’s 73, 14-22-36 was a very good even strength number and his 185 shots on goal rank in the league’s top 50. What are his negatives? Well, size for one and the other thing is that he is now 24 (birthday last week) and is not an impact player even at the AHL level.” – via Lowetide

“People said Oklahoma City couldn’t handle baseball, hockey and professional basketball, but everybody got proved wrong,” he said. “This place used to be a dump, now it’s a showcase.” – via El Paso Inc.

“The Barons play Calgary’s affiliate in Abbotsford on November 9th and 10th. It’s only a twelve hour drive from Edmonton. Grab a cooler and some gas money. If you’re inclined to catch a flight to see the Barons in OKC, they play Abbotsford at the Cox Convention Center on April 19th and 20th.” – via Oil On Whyte

“The life of a minor league hockey player is not easy, but it is also not without its rewards.” – via Artful Puck

“At one level it’s almost silly to micro-analyze performance on a game-to-game basis when considering prospects who are likely years away from the big stage. That said, confidence can be a fleeting thing, especially when it comes to goaltending. It also extends beyond the player himself to the organization that is projecting his performance forward.” – via Cult of Hockey

“Ex-OKC Barons forward Andrew Lord scored the first goal for his new team SC Riessersee in their preseason game against Tölzer Löwen. 3-2 win. Well done, Andrew!” – via Artful Puck

“One of the biggest questions with the possible NHL lockout, is who can play for the Barons if there is one? There’s really no definite answer by the NHL, the NHL Player’s Association, or the AHL. There seems to be two (and a third issue that has no relation to the NHL lockout, but between the AHL and Canadian junior hockey leagues) possible answers, and whichever one is the case will be have a big impact on who we may see in Oklahoma City this season.” – via 1340 The Game Barons Blog

“Patterson played four seasons for the Panthers notching 31 goals and 41 assists during his career. After graduating, he went on to play a season with the Central Hockey League’s Oklahoma City Blazers in 2008–09.” – via Prince Edward Guardian

“I had the opportunity of seeing Bunz play a number of games over the past two seasons and was consistently impressed by his play and professionalism. The workhorse has got good size, strong technique shutting off the bottom half of the net, and excellent reflexes. Tyler is also an accomplished puckhandler, an attribute that has been missing from the Oilers’ crease for far too long.” – via Cult of Hockey

“In February, Lander was sent to Oklahoma City, and his limited production there (9 points in 28 AHL regular season and playoff games) raised further doubts about where the charismatic Swede projects in the long term.” – via Cult of Hockey

“One of the great things about Nelson is that he doesn’t gloss or dillydally. Ask him a question, you get an answer. An example, here’s what he said when asked about Hamilton and Tyler Pitlick: “Pitlick’s the more dynamic of the two. He has a flashy skating stride, a hard shot, plays both centre and wing.” – via Lowetide

A younger Paajarvi – via NHL Players As Kids

“The Calgary Sun confirmed that on Thursday, with a report the Flames have put full-time staffers and contract workers on notice that salary cuts are a possibility in the event of a lockout, perhaps as early as Sept. 16.” – via Sporting News

“Careers can end suddenly and it is rare to be able to reach the age of 40 and still be playing professional hockey! Or course, there are always exceptions, but they are unusual and a topic for another installment in this series” – via Artful Puck

“InGoal met LeNeveu while he was working and training at Gold in the Net Hockey School in Parksville, BC. We joined him on-ice in Parksville, where he was training daily with coach Perry Elderbroom, who is the President of Gold in the Net Hockey Schools.” via InGoal Magazine

BBG&CS: Concussed, Developing, Strength & Conditioning

While Oklahomans insist on believing that 100 degrees is a respite, I choose to believe the complete opposite. Because if it ain’t 70, it ain’t cool. And because of this, I divert your eyes to some yummy frozen blog goodness with Barons interests (and a few to the contrary). So, grab your battery operated fan (yes, you still need it) and enjoy.

“He’s an Ovechkin fan now.”
via ESPN

“Teubert is almost there for crying out loud. People talk about him being a failed 1st round draft pick like he’s playing in the ECHL. Colten Teubert was taken #13 overall four years ago, is now playing the AHL at level par or better and has enjoyed a prolonged stretch as an NHL defenseman. I think Oiler fans are getting spoiled by the #1 overall selections. We shouldn’t forget this guy, he will come in handy. He may never be more than a #5D, he may never be any better than Theo Peckham is right now. But we don’t know that, and even if he ends up being exactly that, Colten Teubert should have a career.”
via Lowetide

“Work with the Edmonton Oilers training team to implement similar programs in Oklahoma City Work with the OKC GM and Head Coach on program planning on a weekly basis for the players”
via SimplyHired

“The Islanders, Carolina and Minnesota didn’t even have a single player play 40 games and best Paajarvi’s possession numbers. Four other teams had players with the possession numbers, but none were 15 goal scorers. Seven teams had just one player make it. Of those 14 teams, just three made the playoffs, two on the back of Vezina-level goaltender, the other by sneaking through an awful division.12 of the 14 teams with the most of these type of players made the playoffs. Good teams have good players.”
via Copper & Blue 

“In Alex Plante’s case, the series of concussions has taken a toll, slowing his development and jeopardizing his future. While the Oilers saw fit to re-sign him this summer upon the expiry of his entry-level contract, he’s now reached that phase of his career where he will have to clear waivers before being sent back to OKC. Along the blueline he’s one of eight veteran pros in that boat; without a doubt he ranks eighth among them on the depth chart, and is also looking up at Justin Schultz and likely Teubert as well. Nipping at his heels is an impressive group of recent recruits. The clock is ticking, and despite his pedigree and promise, Plante may soon be running out of time.”
via Cult of Hockey 

BBG&CS: Roster Speculation & Prospect Countdowns

Welcome to the first ever installment of BBG&CS where you’ll be able to find the latest and greatest link roundup on all things Barons. Posted every Saturday, hit this spot for the best news stories you might have missed. And don’t forget, you just might find some Barons coverage in your local newspaper. Just look between Big Game & Club Soccer.

Can Magnus Paajarvi really jockey for a position with the big club? Jeff thinks so. And perhaps you should consider it as well. (via OilOnWhyte)

Bruce McCurdy dissects the pool of forward talent in Oklahoma City. Not just any forward talent, but power forward talent. He mentions four specific names that seem primed for the NHL. Who made that list? (via Edmonton Journal)

The Oklahoma City Barons floor hockey endeavors have been consistent as well as persistent. This week they packed up the sticks and landed in Enid. The Enid News found it entertaining. And as always…HOORAY PHYSICAL EDUCATION! (via Enid News)

Both the Cult of Hockey and Copper & Blue have been conducting prospect countdowns with varying shades of results. Both are incredibly well done, well thought out, and worth a detailed read. Can Bigos really make the difference? Will Taylor Hall be #1 until he’s dethroned by Yakupov. Check them both out.

If you’re an instagrammer (of course you are), find Tyler Bunz on the social photo service for an inside look at eats, friends, and scenery. After all, what else are using instagram for?

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