Why You Need Canada In The Postseason

I like Canada.

There is no denying that there are places around the globe that are beautiful. From the peaks of the Swiss Alps to the sandy beaches of Brazil to the great religious monuments of Northern Cambodia, both divine created and man-made, we live in a beautiful world. Yet some of my favorite places on the planet fall within the borders of Canada. Inspiring in its existence and spatially enormous, it is a frontier that is vastly untouched. Kelowna has those unique beaches. Banff has its majesty. Jasper has its ruggedness. For the traveling I’ve done, in Western Canada in particular, there are few places I would rather sojourn. And from what I have seen and heard, the central and eastern provinces are equally as spectacular even if they are comparatively different. In short, Canada is a fabulous country to visit. Please do so.

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Maybe, Just Maybe, The Edmonton Oilers Believe In Their Farm

I consider myself an optimist. I champion the down-trodden to a fault. I have often found light in the dark (cell phones help with this). I have been known to find the good in nearly every circumstance. I have my grandmother to blame (who passed away this weekend). When watching scary news transpire or when reading disheartening things she was always quick to remind me that there was still good in the world. Although this viewpoint is particularly rare these days, I have grown accustom to applying this to every day life.

Even in the world of hockey I see things like Kris Russell becoming a Dallas Star and find hopefulness (maybe in shot-blocking or better defending beyond the blue line or my desire to see him ride a horse). I think to myself, “Maybe there is a reason Hamhuis remains a Canuck for a while. Yeah, maybe there is a reason.” Through it all the optimistic, good-natured version of my psyche is finely tuned to pluck the “good” from potentially “bad” — even when it comes to hockey.

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