Major (Minor) League Football Potentially Coming To Oklahoma City

h/t to Eric Rodgers for much of the investigative reporting on this story.

You have probably never heard of Major League Football. Quite honestly, I am a fan of the pigskin, and I hadn’t heard of them either. The truth is, however, that there was been a burgeoning movement for a smallish, spring time, smaller city league that helps prop up the NFL in ways that perhaps the collegiate ranks can’t quite accomplish quickly. But if you live in Oklahoma City, and what appears to be seven additional cities throughout the US, MLF is something you are going to want to take a look at.

A quick dig through public records reveals that Oklahoma City has requested a trademark for the name Oklahoma Nation. This coincides with trademarks requested for the Utah Stand, Texas Independence, Ohio Union, Northwest Empire, Florida Fusion, Arkansas Attack, and Alabama Airborne (see above photo). If you are keeping score, that’s a total of eight teams in pretty stout collegiate and professional football states.

This not only bridges a gap in the Spring for entertaining football, but the league is designed to help further backstop a pretty aggressive NFL partnership. More details can be found here.

Why mention this on a hockey site in OKC? Well, for starters, this is a minor league franchise. Surely a managing partner and facility usage throughout the city might have a trickle down effect in other sports endeavors. Secondly, it might disprove the point a little bit that there isn’t a strong desire for more sports in this city outside of the NBA. Many people assumed the demise of the Barons was because the sports landscape was a bit too crowded. Maybe in Fall/Winter you could make that case, but with two pro soccer teams, a minor league MLB team, and potentially a spring football season crowded into a yearly cycle, we will find out very quickly how much is too much (or too little).

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  1. If this deal goes through, perhaps you can play the Texans, who definitely looked like a minor league team in their last game.

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