OKC Barons 2014-15 Estimated Time-On-Ice

With advanced stats a rare find in the minor leagues of American pro hockey, I’ve been working to add what I can to that realm. One of the most interesting stats is Time-On-Ice, in an effort to better see how many prospects are being used during their time in the American Hockey League. The Oklahoma City Barons saw quite a few promising prospects in their five years of playing before moving to Bakersfield, California, and it’s always fun to see how and where a lot of these guys were played.

A lot of the work on estimating TOI was started by Iain Fyffe and I’m happy to continue it. There’s a lot of great insight into the Barons 2014-15 on-ice stats from Lowetide, so be sure to check that out as well. Here, I’ll provide the actual Estimated TOI numbers for the Barons from last season.

One of the tough things about estimating TOI is that a large sample size is usually needed in order to get a number that makes a lot of sense. For this list, I took out some of the players that only played a handful of games and were never on the ice for a goal. In the case of players like Platzer and LaLeggia, even though they were only with the team for a few regular season games, they still had instances of numbers that made a bit of sense.

Leading the way for the centers is Anton Lander, who graduated midway through the season to the NHL. Veteran Jason Williams was consistently on the first line for the Barons last season, and he took up a lot of minutes on the PP as well. Bogdan Yakimov’s average number for the season comes out at around the 15 minute mark, but as I’ve mentioned on Twitter, his ice-time doubled once Lander was called up to the Oilers full-time. Guys like Connor Jones, Jujhar Khaira, and Travis Ewanyk were shuffled among the third and fourth lines all season.

On the left wing, Ryan and Curtis Hamilton took on most of the minutes, and then there’s a large drop to Kale Kessy, who was injured in the first half of the season and missed out on the second half. Kellen Jones and Josh Winquist made the most of their time on the ice throughout the season and look to have promising careers ahead of them.

Andrew Miller made a big splash with the Barons and earned himself some time with Edmonton last season. Matthew Ford was an all-around multi-purpose player for OKC last season, playing on the PP and PK as well. Pitlick and Pakarinen had pretty successful seasons with OKC, before being injured while with Edmonton.

Brad Hunt led the blue liners for most of the season, and ATO Joey LaLeggia got a big push while he was with the team at the end of the season. Oscar Klefbom probably shouldn’t have ever been with OKC last season. Brandon Davidson had a high-minutes role as well, and will probably have the same next season. The rest of the defense will all look to battle it out in training camp this season as they try to climb the depth chart.

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  1. Jujhar Khaira didn’t receive enough playing time last season, and he didn’t often play with skilled line mates. If the pattern continues in Bakersfield, he will be a trade prospect by the end of next season.

    Maybe Todd Nelson would like him in Grand Rapids.

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