An Open Letter To The Arizona Coyotes, From OKC

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Hello Arizona Coyotes! My name is Eric Rodgers, and I wanted to reach out to your organization, in the event that the city council meeting with the City of Glendale happens to result in them kicking your team – their one and only main tenant – out of their arena. As much of a silly idea that they would do this, I want you and your team to know that there is another city that is full of hockey fans that would welcome your team with open arms, and that is right here in Oklahoma City.

Located just 14 hours east of your current building, Oklahoma City is a bright and vibrant city that, wouldn’t you know it, is now open to receiving a new hockey team. You see, our previous professional hockey team just left us for the west coast and we’re kind of sad at the fact that we won’t have any professional hockey this coming season. But that’s where you come in!

Now, the building that you would probably have to play in, the Cox Convention Center, isn’t the best building when you compare it to places like the Staples Center or the United Center, but the good news is that it is freshly renovated with great locker rooms and a new ice plant that was installed just five years ago. Now, if that doesn’t quite suit your needs, there is another building right across the street that you may be able to talk the basketball team into letting you share. They’re just a bit possessive is all, but I’m sure they’d be willing to talk things out with you.

Our city has glowing recommendations from hundreds of hockey players, many of which have played within your organization while you were affiliated with the San Antonio Rampage. Our team that just left, many of the players were sad to leave this city and the community here, and I think that right there shows a lot of just how much of an impression we leave on players coming through here. (Just ask Mark Arcobello)

I’m sure you’re wondering though, would this city be equipped to handle such a move in such a short amount of time. The answer, is yes. You see, when the New Orleans Hornets were unfortunately forced to temporarily relocate their franchise ten years ago, our city jumped up and supported the Hornets during their tough time. I’m positive that our fine city would do the same once again.

Another possible benefit (and I say possible, because I can’t guarantee it personally) is that our city has a strong reputation of franchises going from struggling in the standings, to becoming perennial contenders. When the Seattle SuperSonics relocated here to become the Oklahoma City Thunder, they were consistently finishing in the bottom five of their conference. Now, it took a season or two, but now look at that team! Four straight division titles before this season, but anyone has to admit that injuries took a big toll on them.

And that hockey team I mentioned before? They all came from the Springfield Falcons (your 2015-16 AHL affiliate, oddly enough) before the Edmonton Oilers decided they wanted their own franchise. They never saw the playoffs in Springfield, but once they came to Oklahoma City – boom, playoffs. As I said before, a lot of that will depend on you, but I’m just saying, we have a good track record.

You could easily keep the Coyotes name when you move here as well, seeing as we have a strong population of coyotes in this state. There’s even a bit of history with the nickname here in Oklahoma City! From 1994 through 1996, we had a Roller Hockey International team named the Oklahoma Coyotes, which saw many former Oklahoma City Blazers players skate with the team during the summers. Just please bring back your logo from 1999-2003 full-time, that thing was awesome.

Don’t get me wrong, of course, I hope that things go well with the city of Glendale and that everything gets worked out. But just in case, I hope that this letter lets you know that there are options, and that we’d love to have you.

Yours always in hockey,
Eric Rodgers

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  1. “you may be able to talk the basketball team into letting you share. They’re just a bit possessive is all”

    No kidding. Just like in Houston.

  2. Im sure they’d love to trade their 13k average attendance in for OKC’s robust 2000 strong fan base.

  3. Translation?

    BTW- we’re fine down here, despite local media scaremongering since Sunday night about our imminent destruction by a poorly organized barely tropical storm.

    Seems to be headed your way via Dallas.

    1. Haha, took care of that.

      Good to hear you’re doing well! Crazy weather going on. Looking like the worst will stay east of OKC, but I won’t bet money on it.

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