Oklahoma City Blazers Have Piece of History Returned

As the chapter of the Oklahoma City Barons comes to an end (and hopefully it’ll still continue for a while longer), Prodigal has been taking the opportunity to clear out their storage rooms. Last night, in quite a surprising turn of events, Prodigal began selling their old stocks of Oklahoma City Blazers memorabilia and pieces from the locker room (with proceeds being donated to Hockey Ministries).

Some of the more interesting items were wood-crafted logos that were hung inside the Blazers locker room over the years. Needless to say, they were some of the first things to be sold.

With the Oklahoma City Blazers being revived in the Junior-III Western States Hockey League, one fan took the opportunity to buy one of the pieces and donate it to the team.

From the Blazers Facebook:

The Oklahoma City Blazers had a piece of their history returned today when Booster Club President Samantha Comes delivered the “B Shield” logo that hung in the original Blazers locker room for years. The 3-d wood logo is one of 4 Blazer locker room logo’s created and hung proudly in the Blazers dressing room anywhere from 2002-2009.

The surprise gift from the Comes family was bought ironically enough at last nights Oklahoma City Barons Playoff game vs Utica. Prodigal and the Barons had a surprise liquidation sale of Blazers jerseys, souvenirs and memorabilia including the hanging logo.

“When I walked in and saw it I couldn’t believe it was for sale. I told my husband to go and get my credit card, I know where this belongs. I had to get it,” said Comes.

The B shield 3-d logo Comes had purchased was one of two of these particular same logo’s, however, this is the one that was of most significance. This is the one that was hung in the hall, only a few feet from the players entrance to the ice.

“It was the last thing you saw when you left the dressing room and the first thing when you entered,” said former player and now president and head coach of the reincarnated Blazers, Tyler Fleck. “The stick marks where guys gave it a good luck tap before the game are still there. I know some of them are mine. This really means a lot not only to me but to everyone who walked down that hallway.”

The four 3-d logo’s created were made by either Kent Johnson, long time Blazer supporter and owner of Massive Graphics in Norman, or Brandon “Brando” Rose. The Blazers former equipment manager.

Fleck was able to track down one of the signs, the other B-shield logo, this past summer during the renovation of the new Blazers dressing room. Fleck was contacted by Johnson who had one of the 2 of this particular logo. It was the one that hung in the Blazers office not the “hallway b-shield”.

Comes realized what she had come across and knew exactly where it belonged.

“I went back to get the sign after the game and I asked the lady working there if I could grab it. She said “That’s Your’s?” and I said yes and I’m taking it home,”Comes explained. “The worker said “You’re taking it to your house?” and I said not exactly, I’m taking it to it’s HOME. It’s going back to the Blazers where it belongs.”

When the coveted sign finally returned to Blazers dressing room Tuesday afternoon, Fleck, assistant coach Zac Desjardins, GM Brian Chandler and Blazers Ice Centre Manager Andrew Magerkurth wasted no time mounting the 70 pound wooden structure to the wall.

“This is a logo that guys fought for, bled for and cried for. The Blazer brand is something that is etched into the hearts of Oklahoman’s everywhere. Everyone recognizes it and it’s become a part of who we are,” said Fleck. “We are damn proud to be Blazers. There were hundred’s of players that tapped that sign for a little extra luck on their way by. When someone recognizes that and goes out of their way to bring back a piece of history like this to where it rightfully belongs, it’s unreal. It just means a lot.”

The other two 3-d wood logo’s were apparently sold at the Barons game on Monday. One of which is the cardinal and gold “Blazers B” logo and the other is the flaming BLAZERS logo which had been dubbed the “Hot Wheels” Blazer logo. These two others also hung proudly in the locker room in different spaces over the years.

“I’ve come to find that people associate Blazers hockey with happiness and good times. We weren’t just a hockey team or a brand. We were a family that extended well beyond the dressing room, well beyond the arena. A family that extended to every corner of the state,” Fleck added. “A family with a great big heart that I am proud to be a part of.”

Be sure to check out the pictures from the Blazers Facebook page.

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  1. I am the fan who returned the B Shield to Tyler and the boys… I felt it deserved to be returned HOME where it belongs… Ty for reposting this… Recognition isn’t what I wanted or ecpected …

    Samantha Comes
    President of OKCHBC

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