“We’re not going to change anything” – Utica’s Travis Green

Photo via Utica Comets. All rights reserved. 

The Barons and Comets head to Oklahoma City for a three game set after two really sturdy, strong, and evenly matched games in Utica. The first was an epic four overtime battle where Curtis Hamilton again scored past the regulation time stamp. The second favored Grenier in an early overtime game winner. Both were defensive battles from the blue-line, and most certainly from inside the net. The offense was stout shooting the puck with consistency, but perhaps with not enough ferocity. In all, only six goals have been scored, parts of eleven periods have been played. What a postseason.

Yet both teams have been extremely lucky, and by lucky I mean Richard Bachman and Jacob Markstrom. They are really really sharp these days, and have bailed out their teams on a nightly basis. That can’t continue, surely it can’t, so some things will need to be tweaked. Game plans might need adjusting. And the teams need to show some magical wrinkles that could separate them from their opponents.

But it won’t be Utica making changes.

Per the Utica Observer-Dispatch, comments from head coach, Travis Green:

“We’re not going to change anything,” he said. “We’re confident going on the road. We have to get one win in Oklahoma. All we have to do is when the next game. There is nothing special.”

So Coach Green strikes first. His confidence in his team has been what has kept the rest of the Western Conference at bay for much of the final moments of the regular season. They won’t mess with the formula (unless this is a ruse designed to get the Barons to budge on their lineup), and I think that might be a smart move knowing the weapons they have at their disposal.

Your move, Gerry Fleming.