Richard Bachman Swapped (Or Loaned) For Brossoit, Curtis Hamilton Recalled

Richard Bachman has had a unbelievable two week stretch. Playing NHL minutes, the death of his brother, and the soon-ish arrival of his first child, Bachman is a guy with a ton of things going on in life. The way in which he has handled each reveals the boatload of integrity this guy has. In case you didn’t already know that. He has been “loaned” to the Oklahoma City Barons, swapped for Brossoit, meanwhile Curtis Hamilton is recalled.

We now probably know why the Barons posses three goaltenders in Rimmer, Bunz, and now Bachman – timing. In the event that Bachman is called to the side of his wife there will be two goaltenders on the farm. This is a precarious situation for OKC mainly because both goaltenders – Rimmer and Bunz – have played so few minutes. In all, the birth of your child is far more important than any hockey season or time in the NHL (seriously), and this is a timing issue more than anything else.

As for Curtis Hamilton, it was inevitable that the Oilers would get another back in their quiver with Andrew Miller positioned back in the minors. The swap isn’t necessarily a bad thing for OKC who gladly welcome back their leading scorer, while Hamilton earns another look see prior to the summer.