Andrew Miller Returns To OKC, Who Is Tyler Pitlick?

Who is this Tyler Pitlick you speak of? A former Baron, you say? He played with the Edmonton Oilers for a stretch this season? You don’t say. Indeed, Tyler Pitlick is in the news again, but this time for the right reasons. Announced today, Pitlick is coming off the injured reserve list. Suffering a spleen injury on New Year’s Eve, Pitlick will return to the Oilers lineup for a handful of games as the Oilers continue their death march towards the end of the 14-15 season. He was given a three month window post-surgery, and that moment has arrived.

Another bit of good news tied into the Tyler Pitlick announcement is that Andrew Miller will return to the OKC Barons, and just in the nick of time. Miller is the scoring forte the Barons need to crest the hill on their playoff push. Things are getting dicey, and his presence certainly will help a ton.

Miller is unavailable to skate tonight against the Rampage, but Joey LaLeggia has been confirmed as a “go”.