Trade Watchin’ The Oilers

Welcome to the trade deadline! I hope you brought the Maalox and the strong coffee, because things are likely to happen. We will update you here, with commentary, on the state of the Oilers moves (if there are any). Grab a seat. Tune in here () to watch the Trade Deadline show, and pray that your favorite player finds a patch of green grass.

Trade #1

Early morning trades are the worst, but they are life. As expected, former “brief” Baron Jeff Petry has been moved.


5 comments on “Trade Watchin’ The Oilers”

  1. This is a failed trade. Everyone else getting first rounders and we are likley picking 50-60 range with that mtl pick. Petry was a 2nd rnd gem in regards to draft position and much like Perron, magic beans once again. Mac T was spouting off about getting some experiences prospects, nada. Both trades he chose 2015 draft picks. Mac T better hope he wins McDavid lottery because that is only chance he will survive his MBA brain storming.

      1. If the Habs make the Conference Finals (not a long shot at all), then it becomes a 2nd and 3rd rounder.

        Petry is a UFA next season – this is strictly a rental, and Edmonton will reload the minors with the extra picks.

        1. Yeah, that’s a lot of uncertainty. As the Oilers have found out, draft picks don’t equal success. I’d be scared, with this Oilers management, to rely on the draft to back-fill any roster at any time.

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