Oilers “Transact” Four, AHL Postseason Roster Takes Shape

Photo by Steven Christy

The 2pm trade deadline brought with it not just the end of the player movement season, but also the backstopping of AHL postseason bids. That means that players paper transacted from Edmonton to Oklahoma City today are pieces that the Barons will use when the postseason begins in late April. This is good news, and the list of transacted players for each squad (usually 3-4) is always very interesting.

Here are the players transacted today whom we believe will be with the Barons when the AHL postseason begins:

I’m a bit fuzzy on the minute details here, but I’m under the impression that Ryan Hamilton is subject to waivers, and can be collected by another team (UPDATE: The games-played number is ten not nine. Hamilton is not subject to waivers). There is, however, some screwy things in the CBA that require an advanced degree to understand, so if you can point out how Ramilton gets through, let me know. Likewise, Richard Bachman should fall under the same cloud of suspicion (UPDATE: Bachman was an emergency recall to the Oilers, thus not subject to waivers).

This is a good bunch, and have at points been huge parts of the Barons success in 2014-15. Bachman is monumental. Hamilton a potent scorer. Marincin a sturdy defender. Oesterle a stop-gap blue liner. Yet devoid of players like Anton Lander, Iiro Pakarinen (both injured) or Oscar Klefbom means we are likely done with those three for the remainder of our Barons years in OKC. Bummer.

4 comments on “Oilers “Transact” Four, AHL Postseason Roster Takes Shape”

  1. Shoveling it a bit thick to say Marincin has been sturdy, and Oesterle is a puck mover not a stop gap blue liner. When he wasn’t pair with Musil, Oesterle looked real ugly, especially when paired with D.Simpson.

    1. I don’t think so. Marincin can play good minor league minutes, and has. Oesterle has been tasked with playing between two moments in time – heavy stops & puck moving. Thinking long game here, not necessarily what is valuable in the last three weeks.

  2. That’s odd Neal, because we have both commented about this after or during Baron games about the level of Marincins play. Than your comments about Oesterle when he was paired with Simpson, and at other times. See you’ve paired up with Alan Mitchell explains a lot and have lost any credibility with me. Been a blast, wish you the best on your future endeavors

    1. I see that you’ve unfollowed me on twitter & elected to ignore any comments going forward. That’s too bad. Yet, I think you are mishearing me. I’m speaking about these defensive players in broad terms, not specifically how they have managed themselves as Barons. Marincin, for example, has gotten a boost in the EDM roster, and sort of looked a bit more important. Oesterle, while traditionally a puck mover, needs to fill a strong / sturdy place in the Barons lineup whilst folks like Brad Hunt shoulder the puck carrying load. As for Alan Mitchell, you may not know this, but I’ve been on his radio show many times in the last two seasons, and consider him a friend. He is a pretty swell guy, even if you disagree with his view on the hockey world. Again, it really is too bad that your tapping out on reading & following.

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