Oilers Farm Team To Be Called…Bakersfield Condors

The Bakersfield Condors, the newly announced Edmonton Oilers AHL affiliate beginning in the 15-16 season, have lauded over us the fact that the team had a big announcement to be made on February 25th. That announcement would be the unveiling of a new team name. That day has come, and gone, and we know that the Bakersfield Condors will now be called…the Bakersfield Condors.

In a silly moment, that the Bakersfield organization has come to be known for, they announced the team name would be the same. This, after a fan vote, but most likely a light discussion behind the scenes, and eventual “sticking to their guns”.

I like this, and I think the fans in California did too as evidenced by this great video:

Good on the Oilers for allowing the team to keep the same name (not that they would ever suggest differently). Good on the fans in Bakersfield, who are no stranger to a gimmick. They are a good folk, and they’ll no doubt carry the Oilers farm team flag well.

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  1. Great move by the management of the Bakersfield franchise, probably figured it would be a smart move to retain the Blazers, oh I’m sorry, Condors name so as not to alienate their fan base !!!

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