AHL Media Put On Red Alert, Press Conference Tomorrow

This weekend when the American Hockey League President and CEO, David Andrews, said that the Pacific movement of his league was “a work in progress” he truly meant that there was progress, but of the quickened variety.

Announced today the AHL will hold a press conference in San Jose, Calfornia at 12:30 Pacific to announce something “major” that will impact the 2015-16 season. Thus the creation of a Pacific Division (or whatever it will be called) is finalized, and we now get to hear what we have all known for months.

In attendance are the following individuals:

David Andrews, President and Chief Executive Officer – American Hockey League
Bill Daly, Deputy Commissioner – National Hockey League
Michael Schulman, Chief Executive Officer – Anaheim Ducks
Bob Murray, Executive Vice President and General Manager – Anaheim Ducks
Brad Treliving, General Manager – Calgary Flames
Kevin Lowe, Vice Chair, Oilers Entertainment Group – Edmonton Oilers
Luc Robitaille, President, Business Operations – Los Angeles Kings
John Tortora, Chief Operating Officer – San Jose Sharks
Doug Wilson, General Manager – San Jose Sharks

That is a ton of heavy hitters in the NHL, and it certainly means they aren’t messing around when it comes to a true Pacific portion of the league.

Follow details here at Tend The Farm in the coming days.

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