David Andrews Addresses AHL Pacific Division

David Andrews spoke yesterday on the “State of the AHL” and as the President and CEO of the storied league he had some very interesting things to say (or rather it’s what he didn’t say) about the move Westward for a large portion of his teams.

“I want to first of all address the elephant in the room,” said Andrews as he addressed the media, “We have, as you know, been in the process of working with the West coast teams in the National Hockey League about the eventual creation of a Pacific Division in our league. This process, in its most recent form, has been ongoing for two and half to three years.”

He quickly acknowledged that the situation is ongoing and “complex with many moving parts”. This points to the continued process of affiliation changes, and movement of team’s that have traditionally been in other locales. Andrews categorized the landscape of the AHL in January of 2015 as “unsettled”.

Despite continued reports that teams are moving West, and owners like Ken Young in Norfolk have been forced to sell, Andrews owns the mantra that “there is work to be done.”

After the initial statement on the Pacific Division, Andrews refused to take questions or further elaborate on the matter.

A huge thanks to the PPP Show for the audio from David Andrews.

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  1. Amazing. Just before the Aeros announced their relocation, Andrews said we were entering into an unusually stable period for the league. He lost credibility with me after that.

    1. As President & CEO, Andrews has done a pretty good job tip-toeing the line between pleasing owners and fans. I think that he is a bright fella. With all that said, in situations where owners are forced into odd / uncomfortable situations (like in Houston and with Pacific Division) he hasn’t been a good voice for the fan. That’s too bad, really, because the AHL is such a localized league. Meaning that people are strongly connected to their squads in ways that NHL fans can’t be.

      The handling of the Houston situation, and this Pacific Div discussion, has put Andrews in to a tight spot. He’s clearly uncomfortable in that role, but few could do it better. Man, great comments “Hockeyless”. I appreciate your insight.

  2. Agreed – Andrews is between a rock and a hard place. If the situation is indeed “unsettled”, maybe that is good for Houston in that the affiliations aren’t all in place yet. I’m afraid OKC’s attendance will make it harder for you guys to get back in the AHL even with the cheaper-to-operate barn. The advantages we have here are 6500 fans a game and excellent flight connections. The only thing in the way here is the recalcitrant NBA owner.

    1. Houston deserves the highest range of hockey they can get. Period. Great fanbase. Great city. Perfect locale when viewed through the lens of the other Texas teams. All roads point to Houston. I’m afraid that the attendance record in OKC will be hard to overcome even if the ECHL were to take a gander. Not many interested in that gamble (I’d imagine).

      1. If Houston does get an AHL franchise through relocation or expansion, we will need an ECHL team to call up from and send lazy players to as punishment. Besides OKC, the other options would be Beaumont (only got 1500/game when they were in the ECHL) and other cities which failed such as Lake Charles, El Paso, Amarillo, Lubbock, and Corpus. OKC might not have strong credentials, but your competition is weaker. But if those 8-10,000 per Blazers game can somehow be found…..

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