AHL All-Star Game Included 26 Goals, 4 Hat Tricks, 99 Shots

The AHL All-Star Game 2015 was the usual prospect-heavy, unfriendly to goaltenders, and overall goofy endeavor. This isn’t to say that it wasn’t wildly entertaining as time went on, just that there wasn’t much hockeying going on.

I’ll just leave the box score here for you to chuckle and gab about:

The game was what you have come to expect – 26 goals, 4 hat tricks, 99 shots, 3 goaltenders, no penalties, tons of smiles.

The Oklahoma City Barons players didn’t have wonderful, eye-popping evenings, but they seemed to be having a swell time.

Brad Hunt seemed poised to have a rough night while Magnus Hellberg was lit up like the fourth of July. Recorded one shot, and on the ice for several goals, Hunt had the atypical defensive All-Star Game, well, um, game.

Andrew Miller added two assists on a line with Charlie Hudon and Mark McNeill. He looked good, but then again everyone looked good. Except…

The goaltenders for both squads were abused by every minute of this game. Richard Bachman faced 23 shots and let in 4 goals in 20:00 of the third period. He was caught somewhere between Magnus Hellberg’s 6 goals allowed and Jacob Markstrom’s 2, but remained the only tender facing over 20 shots. So I suppose there is a silver lining.

It turns out that the 4 goals to 2 in the first period would be the deal sweetener for the Western Conference as they’d eventually win 14-12 in front of 3,835.


2 comments on “AHL All-Star Game Included 26 Goals, 4 Hat Tricks, 99 Shots”

  1. Wait, was this the NHL All-Star Game, the AHL-All Star Game, or two 12-year olds playing NHL 2015?

    Don’t fear, hockey fans – real hockey returns tomorrow, and we don’t have to worry about pretend hockey for another year.

    I’ve always liked the skills competitions better than the game itself, though that first event in theNHL Skills was a bit too NBAish for me.

    1. The pace of the AHL Skills Comp was really good this year, the NHL was a bit heavy-handed with the bells and whistles of technology. I’m like you, I really miss actual hockey during the ASG breaks. Glad it is back!

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