Bachman, Hunt, & Miller Represent OKC In AHL Skills Competition

The American Hockey League All-Star festivities are officially underway. Utica has welcomed the AHL fans with open arms, and thus we kick things off in fine form with the Skills Competition.

Richard Bachman, Brad Hunt, and Andrew Miller will represent the Western Conference and the Oklahoma City Barons across seven events. The Skills Competition will be broadcast via AHLLive and on Fox Sports Southwest in Oklahoma City (click here to find it in your area), and begins tonight at 7:00pm central.

Here is the event list with OKC Barons representatives in bold:

Event #1 – Puck Control Relay

Race #1
Shane Prince (BNG) Ty Rattie (CHI)
Alexander Khokhlachev (PRO) Brad Hunt (OKC)
Matt Taormina (WOR) Charles Hudon (HAM)
Winning team earns one goal

Race #2
Joe Whitney (ALB) Connor Brown (TOR)
Tim Kennedy (HER) Stefan Elliott (LE)
Chris Wideman (BNG) Brendan Leipsic (MIL)
Winning team earns one goal

Race #3
Aaron Ness (BRI) Phil Varone (RCH)
Winning player earns one goal for team

Race #4
Jonathan Marchessault (SYR) Cal O’Reilly (UTI)
Winning player earns one goal for team

Event #2 – Fastest Skater

Heat #1
Austin Madaisky (SPR) Andrew Miller (OKC)

Heat #2
Colin Miller (MCH) Emile Poirier (ADK)

Heat #3
Vladislav Namestnikov (SYR) Ryan Murphy (CHA)

Individual with fastest time earns one goal for team
Fastest team average time earns one goal

Event #3 – Rapid Fire

Heat #1
Chris Bourque (HFD) Magnus Hellberg (MIL)
Brendan Shinnimin (POR)

Heat #2
J.F. Berube (MCH) Mark McNeill (RFD)
Teemu Pulkkinen (GR)

Heat #3
Tom Kostopoulos (WBS) Richard Bachman (OKC)
Derrick Pouliot (WBS)

Heat #4
Philipp Grubauer (HER) Drew Shore (ADK)
Maxime Fortunus (TEX)

Heat #5
Chris Wagner (NOR) Jacob Markstrom (UTI)
Jordan Weal (MCH)

Heat #6
Connor Hellebuyck (STJ) Brendan Leipsic (MIL)
Bobby Sanguinetti (UTI)
Team with the most total saves earns one goal

Event #4 – Hardest Shot

Connor Carrick (HER) Alex Petrovic (SA)
Brandon Manning (LV) Matt Dumba (IA)
Austin Madaisky (SPR) Brad Hunt (OKC)
Colin Miller (MCH) T.J. Brennan (RFD)
Team with the higher average speed earns one goal
Player with hardest shot earns one goal for team

Event #5 – Accuracy Shooting

Paul Thompson (ALB) Stefan Elliott (LE)
Shane Prince (BNG) Emile Porier (ADK)
Tom Kostopoulos (WBS) Mark McNeill (RFD)
Chris Bourque (HFD) Maxime Fortunus (TEX)
Player with most hits in fewest attempts earns one goal for team
Team with most total hits in fewest attempts earns one goal

Event #6 – Pass & Score

Heat #1
Chris Wideman (BNG) Magnus Hellberg (MIL)
Brendan Shinnimin (POR)
Alexander Khokhlachev (PRO)

Heat #2
J.F. Berube (MCH) Connor Brown (TOR)
Charles Hudon (HAM)
T.J. Brennan (RFD)

Heat #3
Paul Thompson (ALB) Richard Bachman (OKC)
Joe Whitney (ALB)
Derrick Pouliot (WBS)

Heat #4
Philipp Grubauer (HER) Teemu Pulkkinen (GR)
Ty Rattie (CHI)
Matt Dumba (IA)

Heat #5
Jonathan Marchessault (SYR) Jacob Markstrom (UTI)
Vladislav Namestnikov (SYR)
Matt Taormina (WOR)

Heat #6
Connor Hellebuyck (STJ) Phil Varone (RCH)
Cal O’Reilly (UTI)
Bobby Sanguinetti (UTI)
Each individual goal scored counts toward overall team score

Event #7 – Breakaway Relay

Round #1
Chris Wagner (NOR) Andrew Miller (OKC)
Aaron Ness (BRI) Brendan Leipsic (MIL)
Shane Prince (BNG) Ryan Murphy (CHA)
Connor Carrick (HER) Alex Petrovic (SA)
Jordan Weal (MCH) Drew Shore (ADK)
Tim Kennedy (HER) Emile Poirier (ADK)
vs. Magnus Hellberg (MIL) vs. J.F. Berube (MCH)

Round #2
Brendan Shinnimin (POR) Connor Brown (TOR)
Derrick Pouliot (WBS) Brad Hunt (OKC)
Joe Whitney (ALB) Charles Hudon (HAM)
Brandon Manning (LV) Mark McNeill (RFD)
A. Khokhlachev (PRO) Maxime Fortunus (TEX)
Chris Bourque (HFD) Bobby Sanguinetti (UTI)
vs. Richard Bachman (OKC) vs. Philipp Grubauer (HER)

Round #3
Paul Thompson (ALB) Teemu Pulkkinen (GR)
Chris Wideman (BNG) T.J. Brennan (RFD)
Matt Taormina (WOR) Matt Dumba (IA)
J. Marchessault (SYR) Ty Rattie (CHI)
V. Namestnikov (SYR) Phil Varone (RCH)
Tom Kostopoulos (WBS) Cal O’Reilly (UTI)
vs. Jacob Markstrom (UTI) vs. Connor Hellebuyck (STJ)
Each individual goal scored counts toward the overall team score