Tyler Pitlick Out For Season Following Laceration To Spleen

New Year’s Eve will always be a memorable day, unless you’re Tyler Pitlick. Okay, perhaps it is memorable for Tyler, just not in the way you might think.

Tyler had his spleen lacerated in a game against Calgary, but was unaware of the injury for nearly an entire period. News of his quickened surgery, recovery, and dismissal from the hospital was met with cautious optimism. He is a young man, who suffered a very dangerous injury, but is no stranger to difficult physical ailments.

Joanne Ireland at the Edmonton Journal gave us an update on the younger winger:

“He left the New Year’s Eve game with a lacerated spleen and will spend the next three months avoiding any contact. For the next month, he will not be allowed to workout. No weights. No car­dio. No exceptions.”

Knee, shoulder, concussion, spleen – you name it, Tyler Pitlick has wrestled with it in the early years of his Edmonton Oilers contracts. A player whom has slowly begun to develop in ways that sparked enough interest in Edmonton to leave him put in the NHL for fourteen games prior to his injury.

This news is a bummer, no doubt. The heavy blow that comes with injury-riddled portions of an early career are not lost on most fans. But for Pitlick he’s determined. And here’s hoping that he gets back to “fighting weight” soon.

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