Curtis Hamilton & Team Canada Lose To Davos In Game One

The day after Christmas provides a treasure trove of sporting events to help aid in the rehabilitation of holiday hoopla. Premier League in the morning, college bowl games in the afternoon, NBA in the evening, and non-NHL hockey sprinkled throughout. While Team USA narrowly defeated the Finns at the World Junior Championships another historic hockey event was happening in the picturesque city of Davos, Switzerland.

The Spengler Cup, played since 1923, features some of the best Euro hockey clubs battling each other for a week with a non-NHL Team Canada tagging along.

The host, Davos HC, would face-off against the Canadians in the opening game, and it would end on a sour note for the North Americans.

Some sideways officiating late allowed Davos to own a two goal lead until Alex Giroux scored the only Canadian goal of the day. The final was 2-1, and Canada is forced to play again on Saturday.

Curtis Hamilton and Ryan Martindale played together on a fourth line, in limited minutes, but not entirely awful. Again, some really poor officiating swung the favor the way of a really good Swiss team in Davos.

Considering Team Canada in Davos has only existed for two to three days and the Swiss club they battled has been playing for a half season means that the outcome could have been worse.

Canada plays Medveščak Zagreb tomorrow afternoon.