Richard Bachman Injury Update

Photo by Steven Christy

At the first intermission of last night’s Oklahoma City Baron vs Charlotte Checkers game, Richard Bachman gave us an update on his injury that occurred the game before.

Per the broadcast, Bachman stated that the tweak came late in the game where “something just didn’t feel right”. He was able to play 4-5 minutes with a tweak to his groin before coming out, but he claims that “it isn’t as bad as the one I had while with the Oilers last season”. Referred to it as a “situation” rather than a groin injury.

No suggested timetable was given as to when he would return. Soon, the most likely timetable.

4 comments on “Richard Bachman Injury Update”

  1. With Anton Lander being recalled by the Oilers, do the Barons have enough forwards to make four lines for the weekend games?

  2. This is sad. Now that the Oilers are no longer committed to OKC, are they showing an uncaring attitude to what remains–the fans, the city, the remaining prospects. If so, you know why the Oilers are 30th in the NHL standings.

  3. Congratulations to Curtis Hamilton for being named to Canada’s squad at the Spengler Cup. Good games, good showcase, nice holiday.

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