Kale Kessy and Kellan Lain Sidelined By Long Term Injuries

On the day that Craig MacTavish discusses the importance of prospect development in Edmonton, one of the Oilers forwards on the farm is sidelined by a substantial knee injury.

In Grand Rapids to face the Griffins (the team would win 4-1), Todd Nelson gave injury updates on two players including Oilers draft pick Kale Kessy.

“Kale suffered a knee injury recently, and it will likely sideline him for a while.”

In the same breathe he also mentioned recently acquired center, Kellan Lain. Lain, as you may know, has been scratched due to a nagging wrist injury.

“We hope to have Kellan available for the playoffs, but we just don’t know right now.”

The status of that injury isn’t exact, but it will place him on the IR for quite some time.

More specifics will be given as time goes on, and the Kessy injury in particular is a rough one.

Kessy, having a decent season, has recently changed the way he plays the game of hockey. Less nasty and more instigator, Kale has hammered out he rough edges enough to make him a pretty pesky deep forward. One that the Oilers liked in camp, preseason, and still tend to keep an eye on while in the minors.

More to come as details are given.

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  1. Love the way Kessy plays, not scared of anything or anyone. Always has a grin on his face, especially when he’s being a pest, and he’s great at that. The difference is that Kessy can handle himself if he gets into trouble. Nelson has been great with Kessy, trusts him with in the PK, which shocked me last season. Fans will forget Rieder once they see Kessy play.

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