14 Games In, OKC Barons On-Ice Stats

In today’s world of advanced stats in hockey, there’s not a lot to be had in the American Hockey League. I’m working to change that. Here’s a look at the Oklahoma City Barons on-ice stats through 14 games. Keeping with the sample size from before (we’ll up it eventually as the season progresses), I only included players that have played five or more games so far.

New to the list are defensemen Brandon Davidson and Brad Hunt, as well as the recently traded-away Will Acton. Despite being a pair for most of their time in OKC, you can tell how much more Hunt is used on the PP as opposed to Davidson (Nelson has used a 4F-1D system on the PP since Hunt arrived), and visa versa with Davidson on the PK. Hunt and Oscar Klefbom are tied overall with a +7 goal differential, but Klefbom has been much more effective at even strength.

Dillon Simpson is now at a -10 differential, but from what I’ve seen, I can’t say that he’s a main contributor to the goals against while he’s been on. While I’ve seen him as a solid defender so far, I’ll have to start keeping a closer eye on him.

Jason Williams leads the forwards with a +13, but is riding that on the Barons top-rated PP unit. Iiro Pakarinen is the only other Baron with a double-digit positive number at +10 and leads the team at even strength with a +4.

Anton Lander is doing it all for the Barons, having been out there for the most PP goals for and PK goals against. Far and away, he’s been on the ice the most of anybody with 42 goal events. While his near 27 minutes TOI is probably inflated, it’s hard to argue with considering how much he has been played.

There was an error with Mitch Moroz’s numbers the last time around, inflating his numbers, and that has since been fixed. Not doing as well as I thought, but not doing horrible either. Just needing more chances to get into the play.

I’ll have another update in a couple weeks, stay tuned.

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  1. Dillon Simpson plays a real soft game, and his so called improved skating seems to be some what over exaggerated. The media in Edm was sure feed a load of bull about him, which inturn feed it to the fans, Allan Mitchell was really quilty here. Moroz needs to step it up, better player than what I’m seeing. Needs to find his beast mode.

  2. It is hard to get anything going on ice when a play only arranges 6 minutes of time on ice. Everyone else gets 10 minutes at least and has a better chance

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