Workin’ For The Weekend (Tuesday Edition): Kiddos Gonna Rampage “Kids In America”

From 1981 to 1993 Kim Wilde was a British pop singer sort of hovering in the background. A pretty good solo performer who knew her way around a stage, and was want to give a pretty solid MTV interview. Her messy blonde hair reminded folks of many female acts of the decade, and truthfully that’s not necessarily a bad thing. The synth pop drum machine style of music seemingly suited her well, and some loved her for it.

When her career fizzled a bit the glamour squad made every attempt to hammer out her rough edges that initially made her enigmatic. In the end it sort of paid off, and her late 80’s to early 90’s moments in adult contemporary were special at times, but mostly forgettable. Suddenly most realized that Wilde’s early career was her sweet spot, and that’s where we will softly land today.

At 21 Kim Wilde would release “Kids In America” as her debut single, and it would quickly propel a career that would give birth to many more none musical endeavors in years to follow.

Ease through the cobwebs of gardening shows, television hosting, and her “second” career just for a moment. Kim Wilde was a pretty infamous synth pop star, and “Kids In America” is exhibit A.

The intro has this thumping bass line that really charges through the entire song until a bubbling synth sound emerges at the chorus. Her voice is almost edgy, convicted really, and the song traps you in with a good hook and a few “Whoa-ew-oohs”.

Lyrically the song is ripped from the three chords and the crunching guitar riffed truth of punk rockers that new wave and synth pop folk often idolized. Growing up requires being tough, and for some it is the only way to get by. The transformation from childhood to adulthood doesn’t happen at a precise time for each person, and therefore “the young ones are going”, “the young ones are growing, we’re the kids in America.”

A school day game on Veterans Day in Oklahoma City is a pretty special event. Mid-morning pucks drops are brutal for AHL teams, but they are a historically important moment for kids, and one that they likely look forward to each year.

I’ve been a fan of these games for years, and partly because it hurls the team into an unfamiliar environment. The games take time to really get going, and you can almost instantly pick out the players who have good “night before” habits and those who don’t. This isn’t me standing, point a finger and shouting, “Ha! He had a rough night” as I nudge my buddy seated next to me. Rather it is about prioritizing time, managing the hours prior to a game, and coming to work prepared. For young AHL players school day games can be a learning experience.

After a Sunday snooze fest against the Rampage where the Barons were nearly shutout, the team from San Antonio visits the Cox Center today on a crisp, almost-winter-like Tuesday morning. The Rampage are currently sitting at .500, and despite coming off a two-goal victory over the Barons, they have gone 4-6 in their last ten games. By comparison the Oklahoma City Barons have rattled off a 5-3-2 run in their first ten. This will be a big challenge on a Tuesday morning for OKC, not just because they are facing the Rampage, but because they have and will play a bunch of hockey this week.

Rocco Grimaldi is back with the Rampage after a stint with the parent club in Florida. His NHL debut began on November 1st, and wasn’t dazzling enough to keep him around. But don’t be fooled by his sudden re-assignment, he is of a great quality in terms of AHL play, and look for him to be stellar.

The Rampage are still without Vincent Trochek. They’ve still scored nearly 40 goals already. They still have Bobby Butler, Mark Mancari, and Shane O’Brien. Dan Ellis and Michael Houser are serviceable goaltenders. So they will compete nightly (or daily).

Oklahoma City had a really good game on Saturday, and still nearly loss. They had a really bad game on Sunday, and were never really in it. As they face the Rampage again the key will be special teams as it tends to be in situations like these.

The PP is amazingly good, and the PK is getting better. The big issue will come in defending the pressure that San Antonio is known for. Hunt-Davidson, and the rest of the lot, will really have to make sure they keep the play in front of them, on the edges of the ice, and quickly back the other direction when need be.

The forward shakeup will likely continue, and we just might get Tyler Pitlick back in a game this week. Yet if not this week, most likely by the weekend.

Bogdan Yakimov needs a big statement game, and this could be his return to glory.

Richard Bachman is the likely candidate to start with Bachman and Brossoit splitting time over the weekend.

Also keep your eyes peeled for Steve Pinizzotto whom might be a bit nicked up.

Luke Gazdic is nearing the end of his fourteen day conditioning stint (they can call him early, not late). This might be the last time we see him. If for some reason he’s a healthy scratch assume that he’s packing for God’s country…Edmonton.

The game can be heard via 1340 The Game, iHeartRadio, Live 365 and AHL Live. Join us for the 10:35 puck drop in OKC.

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    1. I think as the season grinds through the winter we will see the Barons continue to really struggle defensively. Their saving grace? They have forwards that can outscore their opponents.

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