Ty Rimmer Assigned To The Oklahoma City Barons

Photo by Steven Christy

Ty Rimmer was certainly tested last night against the Winnipeg Jets, but it certainly wasn’t often. The goaltender has been assigned to the Oklahoma City Barons.

He stayed longer than expected (which has happened before), and will now join Tyler Bunz and Franks Tuohimaa when Barons training camp begins on Monday (team likely to report by Sat/Sun). And the assignment is interesting for a couple of reasons, but mainly because Rimmer continues to be just a bit of a mystery.

He’s a highly likable goaltender because of the athletic bend he brings to the game, and the fact that he remained in Edmonton longer than Bunz or Tuohimaa (two players selected by the Oilers via draft) perhaps gives us an insight into his future. He’s good. Likely getting better. The Oilers need some of these young guys to pan out. Why not him? I agree.

The three-headed monster will remain in camp until the Bachman’s and Brossoit’s of the world make there way to OKC as the NHL season approaches (nearly 10 days out). I still project Bachman-Brossoit as the 1-2 punch in the AHL, but perhaps we should begin discussing Rimmer as #1 in Bakersfield. It’s not completely insane to think that, but there is certainly going to be a battle in AHL camp to prove worth. This should be fun.

Catch Rimmer, the other goaltenders, and the early arrivers to Barons training camp beginning on Monday at 10am for on ice, open-to-the-public event. See you there!