Do We Call It “Winni” or “The Peg”; Oilers vs. Winnipeg Preseasoner Tonight

T-minus a several hours and counting until the Edmonton Oilers battle the Winnipeg Jets in a more mature, realistic preseason game than the ones that came before. Having plucked a few from the roster, and scattered them across middle earth, the Oilers now turn their gaze towards the “whosit” and “whatsit” of their final NHL roster. There is still much work to be done, and decisions to be made, but keep in mind – it isn’t October yet.

Tonight’s roster is pretty interesting, and features a back-half that might be fully operational in Oklahoma City by the middle of next week. In the lineup tonight is Curtis Hamilton, Andrew Miller, Kale Kessy, Travis Ewanyk, Tyler Pitlick, Martin Marincin, Martin Gernat, Oscar Klefbom, Laurent Brossoit, and Ty Rimmer. These are players that are familiar to the Okies reading this post, and that will give you something to cheer about tonight.

Also of note is Tkachev who is rumored to be signing some sort of Oilers contract that probably places him in the minor leagues to start the season. If, and I do mean if, the Oilers can sign him he will face some heavy competition in the man’s league of the AHL. Size matters sometimes, but skill can win the day. That seems to be the hope for the Edmonton Oilers, and also for the OKC Barons, who have lacked high-end, pizazz and skill (even marginal skill) since the departure of Linus Omark.

Keep your eye on Yakimov on that third line. Curtis Hamilton and Andrew Miller aren’t NHL names considered in high regard, but they are fellas that have things to prove. Don’t discount the goodness of Yakimov centering perhaps a bit of desperation to his left and right. Exciting stuff!

Tonight’s roster in its entirety:

10 Yakupov – 93 RNH – 14 Eberle
67 Pouliot – 55 Draisaitl – 64 Tkachev
70 Hamilton – 39 Yakimov – 58 Miller
49 Kessy – 76 Ewanyk – 68 Pitlick

85 Marincin – 74 Nurse
78 Gernat – 84 Klefbom
22 Aulie – 19 Schultz

1 Brossoit
38 Rimmer will be broadcasting the game at 7:00CT, and it can also be heard via Fred Flintstones condor operated phonograph at 630CHED (which is what I kind of like for preseason games).

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    1. Yeah there is much talk of this, and as I read the rules I don’t see how he lands in the AHL this season given his drafting to the CHL. Several have pointed to a potential hiccup in the CHL agreement that might make him eligible, but I think those thoughts are flimsy.

      1. I think that not being drafted by a NHL team would give him a sliver of a chance to go to the AHL.

        Where’s a CBA expert when you need one?

        1. Eric is our resident CBS expert. I’ll alert him to the comment thread. However, what you’re referring to is the same wrinkle that many point to in terms of his potential AHL assignment this season. Simply put, no one owns his rights. But I think the CHL agreement might still be in the way. We’ll see.

        2. Yeah, the fact that he hasn’t been drafted yet was where the confusion was, but since he does belong to a CHL club, he would have to be sent back to them rather than the AHL, unfortunately.

      1. Jean Francois ‘Crazy Train’ Jacques fit that description, alas he could not take or make a pass to save his NHL career.

        Those raw abilities and skill are so enticing though =).

  1. Pouliot? As in Benoit? The same guy we called “princess” when he was in Houston for his lack of desire for physical play?

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