If I Could Design The Barons Fifth Anniversary Patch…

The 2014-15 AHL season begins very soon, and with it comes a bit of nostalgia for fans in Oklahoma City. When the puck drops in October it will be the fifth season of top-tier minor league hockey for the OKC Barons, and with it a sense of bravado.

To honor the occasion, I’ve designed my own Fifth Anniversary patch. No word yet if the team has created their own (I’m anxious to see what approach they take), but below you can see what I would do if I was designing one.

The Barons are a subtle stallion – quietly stampeding through season after season. Thus I’ve elected to go low-key in terms of the main color scheme. White, flanked by subtle text and graphics in the traditional Oilers orange and blue highlight an otherwise straightforward design. The ruffled edges will give the patch a less flat angle, while still feeling dynamic. Often these patches do too much, and get lost in the colors already on the sleeves of both home and away jerseys. I think the white stands out, and gives it a high visibility that might not be commonplace.

What do you all think? How would you design a OKC Barons Fifth Anniversary patch? I almost made it a brown bison, but thought better of it.

Anxious to hear your feedback and comments.

6 comments on “If I Could Design The Barons Fifth Anniversary Patch…”

  1. Neal, you’ve disappointed me. I was at least expecting a Teemu Hartikainen silhouette or something. 😉 #KCaTO

    1. The oil drop and derrick I stayed away from simply because I didn’t want to step on any Barons organizational toes. But you’d imagine that logo would be appear somewhere in an “official” patch.

  2. I think I must be putting in too many hours for too long, or maybe I have been living in Texas for too long (33 years as of June).

    When I first saw the logo, for about 0.1 seconds my brain was asking “why is there a foam finger on its side at the top?”. Ooops…. that’s their state…..sorry………

    Time to retire, or at least take a long vacation, back to Ohio.

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