Former OKC Barons at NHL Training Camps

In addition to the current Oklahoma City Barons participating in the 2014 Edmonton Oilers training camp, the Barons are well represented with 21 former players in 13 NHL camps as well this week.

Three are on PTOs (Bryzgalov, Deslauriers & C.J. Stretch);

Nine on AHL contracts (Broda, Burgdoerfer, Byers, Cornet, Fyten, Grant, Lafranchise, Leach & MacIntyre);

Nine on NHL contracts (Chorney, Fedun, LaBarbera, Martindale, McDonald, Paajarvi, Potter, Stortini & VandeVelde).


2014 NHL Training Camp break down by Players:

Broda, Joel — Washington Capitals (AHL)

Bryzgalov, Ilya – Minnesota Wild (PTO)

Burgdoerfer, Erik — Washington Capitals (AHL)

Byers, Dane – Washington Capitals (AHL)

Chorney, Taylor – Pittsburg Penguins (NHL/AHL)

Cornet, Philippe – Washington Capitals (AHL)

Deslauriers, Jeff – Los Angeles Kings (PTO)

Fedun, Taylor – San Jose Sharks (NHL/AHL)

Fyten, Austin – Philadelphia Flyers (AHL)

Grant, Triston – Nashville Predators (AHL)

LaBarbera, Jason – Anaheim Ducks (NHL)

Lafranchise, Kane – Vancouver Canucks (AHL)

Leach, Joey  – Colorado Avalanche (AHL)

MacIntyre, Steve – Anaheim Ducks (AHL)

Martindale, Ryan – Florida Panthers (NHL/AHL)

McDonald, Colin – New York Islanders (NHL)

Paajarvi, Magnus – St. Louis Blues (NHL)

Potter, Corey – Calgary Flames (NHL)

Stortini, Zach – Philadelphia Flyers (NHL/AHL)

Stretch, C.J. – New York Islanders (PTO)

VandeVelde, Chris – Philadelphia Flyers (NHL/AHL)


2014 NHL Training Camp break down by NHL Teams:

Anaheim Ducks – 2 (LaBarbera & MacIntyre)

Colorado Avalanche – 1 (Leach)

Calgary Flames – 1 (Potter)

Washington Capitals – 4 (Broda, Burgdoerfer, Byers & Cornet)

Florida Panthers – 1 (Martindale)

Los Angeles Kings – 1 (Deslauriers)

Minnesota Wild – 1 (Bryzgalov)

Nashville Predators – 1 (Grant)

New York Islanders – 1 (McDonald & C.J. Stretch)

Philadelphia Flyers – 3 (Fyten, Stortini & VandeVelde)

Pittsburg Penguins – 1 (Chorney)

St. Louis Blues – 1 (Paajarvi)

San Jose Sharks – 1 (Fedun)

Vancouver Canucks – 1 (Lafranchise)



Good luck to all!

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