Oklahoma City Barons Schedule Breakdown

Here’s the Oklahoma City Barons schedule broken down with the matrix and some by the numbers at the end. Barons will play on what has become an annual New Year’s Eve game, taking on Charlotte this season. The Barons will take part in three morning games this season, one at home, plus two more on the road at San Antonio and Toronto. Without further adieu, enjoy.

Charlotte – 12
November 21st @OKC
November 22nd @OKC
December 16th @CHA
December 18th @CHA
December 28th @OKC
December 31st @OKC
January 22nd @CHA
January 23rd @CHA
March 14th @OKC
March 15th @OKC
April 2nd @CHA
April 3rd @CHA

San Antonio – 12
October 11th @SA
October 18th @OKC
November 9th @SA
November 11th @OKC
November 18th @SA
November 29th @SA
December 27th @SA
February 7th @SA
February 27th @OKC
February 28th @OKC
March 20th @OKC
April 7th @OKC

Texas – 12
October 17th @OKC
October 24th @OKC
October 25th @TEX
October 29th @TEX
November 26th @TEX
November 28th @TEX
December 10th @TEX
January 6th @OKC
January 16th @OKC
January 17th @OKC
February 8th @TEX
February 24th @OKC

Iowa – 8
November 1st @OKC
November 2nd @OKC
November 14th @IOW
November 15th @IOW
February 15th @IOW
April 10th @IOW
April 17th @OKC
April 18th @OKC

Adirondack – 4
January 9th @ADK
February 20th @OKC
February 21st @OKC
March 28th @ADK

Chicago – 4
February 13th @CHI
March 21st @OKC
March 22nd @OKC
April 11th @CHI

Grand Rapids – 4
December 5th @GRG
December 12th @OKC
December 13th @OKC
March 4th @GRG

Lake Erie – 4
January 2nd @LKE
January 3rd @LKE
January 30th @OKC
January 31st @OKC

Milwaukee – 4
December 6th @MIL
March 8th @MIL
March 10th @OKC
March 17th @OKC

Rockford – 4
December 20th @OKC
December 21st @OKC
February 14th @RFD
March 6th @RFD

Hamilton – 2
January 11th @HAM
April 14th @OKC

Rochester – 2
January 10th @RCH
January 18th @OKC

Toronto – 2
November 8th @OKC
March 25th @TOR

Utica – 2
December 2nd @OKC
March 27th @UTI

Doesn’t play: Albany, Binghamton, Bridgeport, Hartford, Hershey, Lehigh Valley, Manchester, Norfolk, Portland, Providence, Springfield, St. John’s, Syracuse, W-B/Scranton, Worcester.

Vs. East: 0
Vs. West: 76
Vs. Division: 44
Weekday games: 19
Friday games: 21
Saturday games: 25
Sunday games: 11
Before 7:00p (local time): 15
Longest road trip (games): 5 (twice)
Longest home stand (games): 7
Three-in-threes: 4