Jenni Carlson was RIGHT!

Take a walk with me, won’t you, down memory lane. Back to a time when hockey was mind-shifting towards the AHL in Oklahoma City. On the horizon, just past the ugly Spaghetti Warehouse, was the Cox Convention Center home of the newfangled Oklahoma City Barons. The world was much more simpler then, and Jenni Carlson was right. Be amazed.

2 comments on “Jenni Carlson was RIGHT!”

  1. correct… you are going to have to find a way to appeal to people who will actually pay for tickets… in my 4 years of going to blazers games… i NEVER paid for a ticket… they were always free…

    1. I’d say my experience was 70/30 paid vs. unpaid tickets during the Blazers. AHL is a hard sell in almost all markets so it’s not like the struggle isn’t other places. It’s just REALLY bad in OKC.

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