Richard Bachman Talks Europe, OKC, & (ugh) BTO

Recently signed goaltender, Richard Bachman, phoned in to the Oilers Now radio show yesterday, and it was a 6:00 golden nugget. Why? Because he is just so darn fantastic, that’s why. Man crush aside, he had some nice things to say about his recent one-year contract, the city of OKC, his potential in the NHL, and that dreaded BTO bumper music.

via Bob Stauffer on Oilers Now:

On that BTO song:

“I’ve heard it quite a bit since joining the Oilers, it’s a Canadian thing.”

On Oklahoma City as a good fit:

“The main goal is to get up with the Oilers, and play in the NHL, but being here is a great fit for me. I’ve got a twin brother that lives here, he’s in med school here so he’s close by, and my family lives in Colorado”

(Stauffer “complains” about the one time he went to Denver not on the team plane, “I got lost.”)

On European money:

“I think I can play at that (NHL) level, and until I feel like I can’t do that or it’s not going to be a good fit for me and my family, I want to stick it out over here. I want to be with Edmonton. I think it’s a great place for a good opportunity.”

On Todd Nelson:

“He’s an amazing coach. Just seeing what he did last year with a young team, and how he coached / ran the ship, he was great. I was glad he got that contract extension.”

On NHL game in Edmonton:

“That’s something I’ll remember for a very long time”

On his size:

“My idol was Patrick Roy growing up. Also Andy Moog. (Stauffer refers to Andy as not a “technically superior guy“). He battled though. I know I’m not the biggest guy out there, but I can control how you battle and compete.”

On the difference between NHL vs. AHL shooters:

“The biggest difference is the crispness of the play. There is a bit more of an unkown in the AHL. Also, purely size. Guy in the NHL are just bigger.”

On the number of guys in the AHL that can “really shoot the puck”:

“It is getting better every year. 2/3 of guys can really shoot, and about 1/3 are close to an NHL shot.”

On his plans for the next couple of months:

“I’m in OKC, I’m actually at the U.S. Senior Open. Beginning of August I’m going to head out to Colorado and begin skating. Scrivens is out there, he bought a place there. A bunch of Denver U and Colorado College guys are out there as well.”