Todd Nelson Appears To Be Staying Put, But “Wants To Get Back To NHL”

No news is well, not good news for Todd Nelson, but it is certainly good news for the Edmonton Oilers organization. With the coaching vacancies – both head and assistant – being dwindled down with July approaching quickly, Todd Nelson seems to be staying put with the Oklahoma City Barons.

In a recent talk given to the Hockey Ministries International group (which he does often) he knew the exact number of NHL coaching vacancies, and stated that “I really want to get back”. And by back, he means to the NHL. Watch the video in its entirety, and it gives you a bit of a background on Nelson’s approach to the game, his time in Atlanta, and his days as a player. Very insightful.

It remains apparent that Nelson wants and NHL job soon, and if he didn’t we would all wonder what’s wrong with him. However, the going thought is that five years in the AHL has him rabid for that “next step” after being let go with the Atlanta Thrashers all those years ago. In my mind he would be an excellent NHL coach, as his counterpart Willie Desjardins will be. Yet one more year in the Oilers organization won’t hurt as long as he continues to graduate right-standing prospects as well as win under heavy direst.

Here is the HMI video. Enjoy (oh, and these kids know their stuff):