Tend The Farm Picks the Calder Cup Winner (via the writing team & guest)

Your trusty Tend the Farm experts + guest attempt to pick the Calder Cup winner — the team to bring home the Cup and all the marbles for the 2013-14 season. This will be an interesting series since the Texas Stars and St. John’s IceCaps have not faced each other this season. As a matter of fact, the two teams have never faced each other. Ever. That is unfortunately what happens in the AHL when teams in the far West never venture past Rochester, Utica or this coming season, Glens Fall, New York. And you ask, if they are that far East, why don’t they play a few Eastern Conference teams? Great question. Oh look! There’s Syracuse and Albany right there! Ah, now I get it. The Eastern Conference teams would have to fly way out West to meet the Western teams on their own turf. As Horace Greeley said, Go West, young man, go West ….”

Before we get to the Cup picks, let’s look at our results for the Eastern and Western Conference Finals. Eric and I tied, picking both Texas and St. John’s, along with 1 accurate game count:

Conference Finals Eric Patricia Neal Bob
STJ vs WBS – STJ in 6 STJ in 6* STJ in 7 WBS in 6 STJ in 7
TX vs TOR – TX in 7 TX in 6 TX in 7* TX in 7* TOR in 7


And now … our TTF picks for the AHL’s Calder Cup Winner in a Best of 7 series:

Neal Livingston’s Pick:
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Texas Stars vs. St. John’s IceCaps – Texas in 6
I watched far too many Western Conference AHL games, and far too little Eastern Conference ones. That being said, Texas has been priming the pump of success all season long, and this is a team that has continued to gel even more down the backroads of struggle. I like that, and you should too. Despite the IceCaps being one whale of a team, I’m going with the Stars in 6. The baby Cup comes south, ya’ll.

Patricia Teter’s Pick:
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Texas Stars vs. St. John’s IceCaps – Texas in 7
Having watched Texas far too many times to count this season we have almost an insider’s view of their pros and cons, and this season Texas just has too many pluses to think the IceCaps will walk away with the Calder Cup. If you think Texas can’t hang in there through seven games against a tough team, just look at the Toronto series. And I admit — I would very much love to see the Cup in the West Division this season. Go Stars!     

Eric Rodgers Pick:
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Texas Stars vs. St. John’s IceCaps – St. John’s in 6


Bob Gianettino’s Picks:
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Texas Stars vs. St. John’s IceCaps – Texas in 7