Tend The Farm Stanley Cup Winner Picks: Final Edition (via the Writing Team)

Three Stanley Cup Playoff Rounds — with 16 teams in 88 games — have narrowed down the two teams for the Stanley Cup Final and your Tend the Farm Crew have now picked their favorites to take home the Cup. Who have you got for the win? The New York Rangers and the Los Angeles Kings have never met up in a Stanley Cup Final which will make this all the more interesting! Back in 1981, before most of you were even born (egads!), the two teams met in the first round with a Rangers 3-1 series win. And going back even earlier, way back in 1979, the two teams met again and the Rangers won all 3 games in a best-of-3 preliminary series. Hmm… there seems to be a trend here, don’t you think?

Before we get to our Final Cup picks, let’s take a look at TTF’s Round Three Results — Eric’s winning streak was derailed this round, but Neal and I did rather well I think!

Round 3

Eric Patricia Neal
NYR vs MTL – NYR in 6 MTL in 7 NYR in 7 NYR in 7
LAK vs CHI – LAK in 7 CHI in 6 LAK in 7 LAK in 6


And now …  for the Tend the Farm’s 2014 Stanley Cup Winner … our picks are …..

Eric Rodgers Pick:
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Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers – Kings in 7
Four things I see in this one:

  • Lundqvist > Quick
  • LA offense > NY offense
  • LA defense > NY defense
  • Sutter > Vignault

Patricia Teter’s Pick:
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Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers – Rangers in 7
I’ll be in the minority with my Rangers pick, but sometimes you just have to go with your heart on these things. In the MTL-NYR’s series I said that goaltending would be key and it will truly be the case in the Finals. Henrik Lundqvist will be critical for the Rangers, as well as the team’s speed and defense. Vigneault’s wizardry and his Western Conference experience should come in mighty handy as they face an LA Kings team who has tons of skill. The Rangers will also need a few miracles and like the 1942 WWII song about a damaged bomber struggling to reach home, the Rangers will be “Comin’ in on a wing and prayer.” And, for you OKC Barons fans, you might want to look closely at the Rangers Black Ace goaltender who is none other than former OKC Barons David LeNeveu who, much like the Rangers, has had a rather astonishing and lucky season.

Neal Livingston Pick:
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Los Angeles Kings vs New York Rangers – Kings in 7
I love that one magic trick where the magician transports the lovely assistant from one curtained stand to another curtain stand in a split second. I’ve seen the Hollywood film that told me a dude replicated himself to perform the trick, but I was absolutely convinced that this one trick was performed using twins. I over-convinced myself even to the point that I stopped believing in the twin theory because it sounded too easy. I was right. I was wrong. Indeed the trick was done with twins, and I was wrong in assuming that it was too easy. Thus the trick worked.

This feels like a Stanley Cup Final where the Rangers need twins – in net, at forward, on defense – to sustain their somewhat surprising wave of success. But I’m going with the easy answer, and saying the Kings win in 7. The West dominates this season, and hey, why not? Now about sawing that lady in half…