Your Tend the Farm experts have spoken once again and the results are in for Round THREE of the Stanley Cup Playoffs! Let us know your picks and how many games … this is where things get far more serious, folks.

For Round 2 your Tend the Farm crew did … meh. Eric named 3 correct teams (Rangers, Blackhawks and Kings) but only picked 1 with the correct number of games — his favorite, the Chicago Blackhawks. Yeah, he’s a Hawks fan. I picked 1 spot-on win — Rangers in 7, but the rest were picks that went south in the dustbin by picking with heart rather than the inevitable. Neal had 2 correct teams (Rangers and Blackhawks) but no correct game numbers.

Round Three is where this become very interesting and we begin to separate from the herd entirely. As you see Eric stands alone with his two picks for the Canadiens and the Blackhawks. Neal and I go with the Rangers and Kings, which is frankly the way it should be and we expect to cheer loudly as Eric’s teams are defeated rather gruesomely.  Disclaimer — we did not discuss our picks with each other!

(TTF and its writers are not responsible for any harm that might come to your bank account if you take our picks to heart. We do, however, believe that the first moon walk took place on a soundstage in Hollywood, and that eating Pop Rocks with soda will cause your head to explode. Thus proving…we are experts)

Eric Rodgers Picks:
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New York Rangers vs Montréal Canadiens – Canadiens in 7.
Lundqvist will give the Rangers a lot in this series, but I don’t know that the guys up front can keep it going against Price (EDIT: Which sounds stupid now after Game 1). Montreal gets in the Rangers heads and they’re able to pull it out in Game 7.

Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks – Blackhawks in 6.
Fan answer: Hawks forever and always. Blogger answer: Quick is good, but he’s shown his weaknesses this offseason. Crawford has been and remains to be extremely under-rated and he will be a huge piece to help the Blackhawks to the Finals for the second year in a row.

Patricia Teter’s Picks:
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New York Rangers vs Montréal Canadiens – Rangers in 7.
This will be a goaltending series of Lundqvist vs Price, but in the end I think Vigneault, Lundqvist and the Rangers will move on to the Stanley Cup Finals. P.K. Subban will be a standout, along with Price, but they will just miss it.

Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks – Kings in 7.
Out of my desire to cheer for yet another “underdog” I’m going with the Kings here. Chicago has 5 Cups already, and their most recent was last season. Enough already! The Kings and Quick will move on to face the Rangers.


Neal Livingston Picks:
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New York Rangers vs Montréal Canadiens – Rangers in 7.
I still like the Rangers and their world beater mentality, but this one comes down to the wire. The Habs have surprised everyone including this non-believer. 

Los Angeles Kings vs Chicago Blackhawks – Kings in 6.
LA is playing Cup winning hockey these days, and are getting legit goaltending from Quick. Despite the Blackhawks playing really well, I still think this one goes to the surprising left coasters.