Oklahoma City Barons Vs. Texas Stars Game Three Live Blog

Photo by Rob Ferguson

Regardless of tonight’s outcome, this has been a truly remarkable season of Oklahoma City Barons hockey. The tears flowed when our team was awful. Then they flowed again when the team rose victorious. Now we sit back, a goblet of our favorite beverage in hand (Coke Zero for me, of course), and we reminisce fondly of the season gone by. The tears flowing again.

BUT WAIT! The season is yet to be undone because the Barons play game three in a fight for survival against the 2-0 leading Texas Stars. In Cedar Park, where the skies are sunny and the temp is a fine 73 degrees, Oklahoma City will try to do exactly what they have done for 60+ minutes of play across two games – stay even w/ Texas.

However, the precipice of tonight’s game is indeed high, but it is where it has been for much of the season. The team has to have a complete game, and if they do, they’ll outlast the Stars which is something they’ve rarely done in the last week.

Brace yourselves for a good one. Desperate fowl like to flap their wings, and the Barons are desperate. To the live blog!


Eager-Acton-C. Hamilton



Richard Bachman



Period One

A one goal lead was had by the Texas Stars in the first twenty minutes of play. The Oklahoma City Barons looked a bit “soft” and maybe a bit “unprepared” for what the Stars were bringing. Richard Bachman made huge save after huge save, but in the end the Stars would emerge victorious.

Period Two

A short-hander from Anton Lander forced the Barons out of hibernation, and into a 2-1 game. The PK continued to be magical, which was good, because the defense gave up a truckload of chances. Now 5 for 5 on the PK, the Barons have life, but Texas looks prepped and ready to retaliate. Brace yourself.

Period Three