Nelson On Arcobello, “I’m Not Saying It’s A Good Chance, But It’s A Chance”

Following a game one defeat in overtime, the Oklahoma City media (one strong) asked the obvious question of the night, “When will Mark Arcobello return?” It’s an obvious question because Arco is a scoring beast, and a skillful fella that the Barons desperately need if they are going to outscore Western Conference opponents at any reasonably sound clip.

Here is what Todd Nelson told the Daily Oklahoman:

“Arco pretty much is day to day,” Barons coach Todd Nelson said after a 3-2 overtime loss to Texas on Wednesday night. “He has a chance to play in this series. I’m not saying it’s a good chance, but it’s a chance.”

So you’re saying there’s a chance? A slim one, but a chance, and that’s good news. I think.