Ryan Hamilton To Have Shoulder Surgery

Photo by Steven Christy

It has been a season for the ages for the Oilers organization. One that will go down in the annals of time as either the beginning of the preparation of betterment or the continuation of futility. As we near the rear end of another sub-par Edmonton Oilers season, the injuries have arrived. The farm team is not absent from injury themselves.

On the 3/15 post game radio show Oklahoma City Barons head coach, Todd Nelson, claimed that Ryan Hamilton is done for the season. Will (or has had) shoulder surgery in the coming weeks to months. He hasn’t played a games since early February.

The two-year contracted player of the Edmonton Oilers spent ample amounts of time with Dallas Eakins in Toronto’s AHL affiliate. Fourteen NHL games, two with the Edmonton Oilers, has made Ryan a bit of an under-seen player on most nights. Playing thirty games for OKC, and acquiring sixteen points along the way, Hamilton seems to be the player we expected, but perhaps not the one the Oilers want him to be. Nonetheless, he will be around for another season of Oilers hockey. Perhaps a good offseason will lead to a stellar October, 2014.