Brossoit In. Bunz Out. Greg Miller Arrives

Keep up. Stay with me. Transactions are happening. Indeed the whirlwind of late season injuries and call-ups are now punishing every layer of the Edmonton Oilers organization. Punishing in a good way, or so I’ve been told by the cold cup of coffee hanging around on my desk that is clearly half empty. A goaltender swap, and a player arrival from Bakersfield is on the docket next, and I’ll do my best not to over extend you with too much thinking (because I don’t want to think!)

Tyler Bunz, playing in only one game (a win!) since being recalled to back up Richard Bachman, has been swapped with acquired-this-season prospect, Laurent Brossoit.

The choice to swap the two initially gave me pause. First, Brossoit was a bit underwhelming in a Barons sweater, and management deemed him a bit green. He had moments, unlike Roy or Bunz of late, that highlighted NHL-quality goaltending. Both in positioning and glove-work, he is indeed a goaltender that seems to be out-packing previous incarnations of Barons / Oilers tenders. I like him. Have since day one. Now I need him to play really really well.

The likelihood that he plays is slim as long as Richard Bachman stays healthy. The Biz is the high card, and the Barons are hanging on to him down the stretch. He certainly seems to be the gateway to playoff redemption.

Laurent Brossot this season:

Bunz, another goaltender I’ve liked in the past, is caught between ECHL and AHL with very little movement towards NHL. Fasth and Scrivens likely remove just a bit of the world conquering juxtaposition that Oilers goaltending prospects find themselves in, so the road for the next round of farm tenders if paved with gold. Let’s hope.

Tyler Bunz this season:

Greg Miller, a forward acquired from Bridgeport / Stockton by the Barons, has given some smarts and scoring perspective to the ECHL club in Bakersfield. Across two ECHL clubs this season he’s right at a point per game (48 played, 48 scored). He is a good power play guy, likes to score, is similar to Arcobello in build, and certainly won’t hurt the squad in Oklahoma City.

Greg Miller this season:

With Horak and Arcobello staying put on the farm, the Barons still have a chance to make the postseason. Eeek. I hope.