Trade Deadline Passes & No Barons Moved, Philip Larsen Recalled

The 3pm east trade deadline has come and gone, and no Oklahoma City Barons players have been moved.

The surprising narrative to this whole commentary is that none of the Edmonton Oilers prospects have moved. No Tyler Pitlick, no Mark Arcobello, no Anton Lander, no defensive “dude” – so the world continues to turn (and stay flat?) for the organization looking to get better in the offseason.

I think this makes two statements from the Edmonton Oilers.

First, there are some prospects MacTavish has faith in. Anton Lander, Tyler Pitlick, and obviously Mark Arcobello just might be a part of the future group of forwards. That’s smart. Giving them a +1 year would be an intelligent move because it gives you the depth that might be difficult to find in the draft immediately or with incoming, untested pro rookies.

Second, there are some prospects that aren’t nearly as valuable, and unable to be moved. Curtis Hamilton, for one, is likely on the way out when his ELC expires. Injures and such have catapulted his stock well below where you would like him to be.

Today, on Oilers Now, Bob Stauffer mentioned that Tyler Pitlick and Oscar Klefbom were the likely call-ups to the Oilers. With Belov injured, this gives you a chance to see what Klefbom can do. Pitlick, on the other hand, jumps Arcobello briefly. And perhaps that’s another “let’s take a look at what he’s got one more time” situation. At this point, why not? However, Craig MacTavish spoke to this very thing in his press conference today. He said Philip Larsen would be recalled, and that Oscar Klefbom was slightly injured, and he would have to wait.

In the end, the team of Barons you saw over the weekend is the team you will see in the postseason as the AHL rules required transactions to take place prior to the deadline for individuals to be eligible for postseason in the minors. You won’t hear me argue with that.