Sochi 2014: My Favorite Photo Today “Jubilation”

Being an Olympic athlete seems like a thrilling endeavor. For some, those whom compete in less instantly recognizable sports, they will find joy at each and every turn. The skiing community, although greatly diverse in its interests, is a tight knit group. The familiarity that alpine, downhill, cross-country, and biathlon participants have with one another is ever present. Where the snow, and the events go, so they go too.

After some strange, and surprisingly wintry weather (finally) in the mountains nearly an hour from Sochi, the 15KM biathlon mass start finally began despite some delay. With a great finish, and a deep breathe, we get this photo.

The Czech Republic’s Ondrej Moravec celebrates in the only way he knows how – posing for the camera. Perhaps exhaustion had set in, or maybe he was just soaking up the postcard moment in his sport, but either way this is a great photo. Thanks Ondrej!