Sochi 2014: My Favorite Photo Today “Helmets”

There is big business in the Olympics well beyond what the host city lays down in terms of cold hard cash. The athletes, all fitted with the proper country-specific attire, are walking billboards for Ralph Lauren cardigans and Burton snow jackets. Yet there is even more uniqueness when it comes to helmet design.

Skis, boards, skates are all necessary weapons in the holster of Olympic athletes. Equally as important? The helmet. Protecting you from cold, hard ice and snow is really a strong lid (hopefully).

Forget black, red, white, or brown, how about the helmets designs that the Guardian highlighted in a recent piece? My favorite has and always will be the red-hot-brain. As if we didn’t know it was intense already, the glowing insides of the skeleton participant are on full display here (in a graphics sorta way). I love that.

Read the full story, and see the other great pics over on the Guardian’s website.