Sochi 2014: Buaas’ Gnarly Slopestyle Crash

Shaun White kinda sorta hinted that the slopestyle event at the Sochi Winter Olympics was dangerous. He is also afraid to aggravate the wrist injury prior to defending his pipe domination. To each his own. Athletes breaking collar bones aside (serious business) the event began with qualifying rounds on day one of the Olymipcs, and we had a gnarly crash.

Norway’s Kjersti Buaas took a face first tilt into the hard packed snow (imagine the sound of shells rubbing on cardboard, that’s the sound of this hard surface and board rubbing together).

The internets were outraged at the length of time it took someone to get to her, but given the wide ranging nature of the course, folks are planted very far from the actual action (including medical staff).

The good news? It was “only” a muscle rupture. What a miracle.

Glad you’re okay, Kjersti.

Photo via Reddit