Workin’ For The Weekend: Barons at Stars “Love My Way”

God bless John Hughes, he made me feel things. He could have easily been crippled by trying to portray the 80’s teen angst culture the best he could, but instead he simplified the formula by placing unknown actors into some culturally relevant dialogue. It never felt trite, out of place, or cartoonish, but rather wonderfully reminiscent even upon the first viewing. That’s talent. And because he nailed it more times than not, he enabled viewers (like me) to cherish his films.

He also really liked music. One Hughes-ian band comes to mind today, and that’s none other than the Psychedelic Furs.

Pause briefly, and ponder this. If you’ve never heard a Furs 12″, you probably would categorize them as “something I wouldn’t enjoy” based on the bands name along. You’d be wrong.

Sly, new wave beats with a dash of punk rock, the Psychedelic Furs were one whale of an important band. One of my favorite tracks will always be “Love My Way”.

Big drums, marimba, and synthesizers never sounded so delicious. The four-some, led by the gravely voiced singer Richard Butler, released the song via their third studio album, Forever Now. It’s success was minimal, and this would be the only track released to the masses as a single. It holds up, despite the world ignoring it in the summer of 1982.

Lyrics ripped from the bands personal journals, the many interpretations run amuck. Yet, most land on one common theme – looking beyond the one-dimensional box. Seeing and celebrating difference. Or perhaps seeing something from a different perspective.

If Todd Nelson were a Furs fan, this would be his rally cry. To see his team look beyond the glowing issues, and see the beautiful tapestry as a blank canvas with potential. Okay, he probably isn’t a Furs fan, but he sure wants to think like one.

Texas. Everything is indeed bigger there, including AHL point totals. 61 points with 169 goals in tow, they are a force. Four, yes four, of the top eight individual point leaders play for the Stars. Sceviour, Morin, McKenzie, and Mueller all have surpassed the forty point mark. The unbelievable pace with which those four score is mind boggling, and should be constantly placed on a pedestal. For the Texas Stars are great.

Oklahoma City has some work to do.

In seven previous meetings this season the Barons have only beat the Stars twice, and only once in regulation. That’s a far cry from the historical dominance the Barons have had over the Stars. As the tides change, OKC will need to clamp down on the leagues best PP unit (nearing 78% completion rate) and attempt to work around one of the best PK units (86% kill rate). They’ll also engage two familiar brick and mortar types in Cris Nilstorp and Jack Campbell. A tough task for any team let alone the sorta fumbly-at-the-moment Barons.

7-3-0-0 in their last ten games, and recently coming off a Saturday evening beat down of the Toronto Marlies (a team OKC barely beat on Thursday), the Stars will set their eyes on defeating the Barons again in games Sunday and Tuesday.

Maybe the Oklahoma City team gets Mark Arcobello back, maybe it was an Edmonton paper transaction to free up roster space temporarily. What we do know is that Will Acton, a solid face off man, returns to the lineup after serving his suspension. We also know that Richard Bachman gets at least one start against his former team while Tyler Bunz gets the other. We also know that C.J. Stretch, Anton Lander, Roman Horak, and Ryan Hamilton will need to step up the offense while Taylor Fedun, Oscar Klefbom, and company will need to play lock-down defense.

To say a victory is probable is, well, probable. To say a loss is imminent is, well, imminent. Let’s hope the Barons bring their “A” game, and a thought towards seeing the potential that lies outside the box.

Sundays game is a pre-Super Bowl matinee in Cedar Park. Tuesday is a 7:30 start. Go Barons!