Mark Fraser Traded For Cam Abney & Teemu Hartikainen

The season keeps rolling on at all levels of Oilers hockey, and with the trade season not officially heating up until after the Olympics, the NHL squad has elected to jump early. Announced today, the Edmonton Oilers have traded Cameron Abney (currently in ECHL Bakersfield) and Teemu Hartikainen (two-year contracted in KHL Ufa) for defenseman Mark Fraser.

Fraser, oft injured defender in the Toronto Maple Leafs organization, is another familiar face to Oilers head coach Dallas Eakins. He’ll join Will Acton, Ben Scrivens, and Ryan Hamilton as recently coached Marlies under Eakins. Odd.

Cameron Abney has been buried in the ECHL for the better parts of two seasons, and his time was over as an Oiler long before that. They moved him apparently to free up space on the active roster.

Teemu Hartikainen, on the other hand, is still a pretty good prospect despite his refusal to sign a two-way contract with the Oilers in the offseason. Instead he signed a two-year contract to play in the KHL where he has been really good (eating and hunting well too according to his Instagram). He’s a player with worth, and I’d argue more valuable than a guy like Fraser.

The Baron heartthrob (my own emphasis) spent many seasons on the farm only to be placed awkwardly in the Oilers lineup when the NHL call-up came-a-knocking. If he’s smart, he will stay in the KHL, but he’s made it know that he wants NHL ice time, so you never know.

Cam Abney 2013-2014 stats
2 Goals, 3 Assists, +4, 64PIM

Teemu Hartikainen 2013-2014 stats
13 Goals, 14 Assists, +4, 26PIM

According to Bob Stauffer the Oilers will need to demote someone to OKC or move someone to the IR for Fraser to enter the lineup. More to come.