Tyler Bunz Heads To Oklahoma City, Chet Pickard To Bakersfield

In a move that felt somewhat inevitable at some point (maybe), the Bakersfield Condors and Oklahoma City Barons have swapped goaltenders. Tyler Bunz will suit up for Oklahoma City while Chet Pickard will head to sunnier dispositions in California. Both transactions have been made official via both clubs.

Tyler Bunz has been basically backing up Laurent Brossoit, the most recent goaltending acquisition from the Oilers organization. Brossoit has started five of the last eight games for Bakersfield, let in just ten goals, and has only lost once. In three starts for Bunz his GA were six, and three straight losses. Quality of comp might have something to do with the wins vs losses, and goals allowed, but any way you slice it, Bunz has dipped in the goaltending pipeline.

My assumption was that we wouldn’t see him again. Pickard has remained the number two tender in Oklahoma City for prospect follow through reasons. I only assumed that Brossoit was going to get a promotion to the AHL with Pickard playing just awful lately. Yet the prospects will play if it is the last thing MacTavish ever does. Bunz, for now, leap frogs Brossoit, but he certainly remains behind him in the overall future-casting depth chart.

Now, more than ever, this feels like Bunz’s Last Stand. He has to play really well for the future to even be considered by the Oilers.

Personally, he’s a player I really like, and is seemingly easy to cheer for. Cool, clam, collected – he is worth cheering for. The Oilers need good goaltenders, and they need them now, and so Bunz gets the go-ahead to prove his worth. Fingers crossed.

For those curious, Pickard gave up nine goals in a franchise record for goals allowed by the Barons in a game last weekend against the Charlotte Checkers. He’s played portions of six games (including three starts) with his SV% well below .900. Still can’t wrap my mind around why the Barons would sign the former Nashville Preds draftee. The world may never know.